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Final Call: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Office 365 Tenant Migrations

19 Mar 2019 by Chris Cahill

Three Bulls, depicting the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Office 365 T2T migrations.

We’ve been blown away by the popularity of our recent speaker sessions during Microsoft Ignite the Tour, particularly when taking to the stage to discuss Office 365 tenant to tenant migrations.

At last month’s London event, the theater was overflowing as Mike Weaver presented on ‘Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures in Office 365’, which highlighted the growing need for expert advice on the complicated task of transferring services from one tenant to another.

You can download the on-demand webinar here.

Migrating Workloads Between Office 365 Tenants


The good news is, as Office 365 continues to evolve, reconfiguring and consolidating workloads has become more straightforward over time, especially with tools such as Cloud Commander.

The bad news, as new services are added to the Office 365 platform, they may not necessarily migrate between tenants.

Looking at the ugly side of things, while certain workloads migrate easily, they still require manual or automated reconfiguration to synchronize.

Join Mike and Microsoft MVP Steve Goodman as they discuss how to plan for Office 365 tenant to tenant migrations and debate best practices for overcoming inevitable hurdles.

Register below and we’ll send you a link to the on-demand recording to view at your leisure.