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First stop – Berlin!

4 Dec 2018 by Becci Velzian

Microsoft Ignite the Tour

This year Microsoft is embarking on a round-the-world trip known as “Microsoft Ignite the Tour”.

In previous years, this highly technical, practical event tour for everything-Microsoft called the “Tech Summit” was well-received by the industry. This coupled with the success of this year’s crowd-pleasing Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, it was time to bring these two celebrated events together. Microsoft’s approach for this expedition is to bring the event to the IT professionals, experts and developers, to make the exhibition more accessible for many of those who were unable to travel across the Atlantic.

Microsoft’s first stop on its worldwide tech venture is Berlin, on December 6th– 7th. The iconic German city will be hosting two jam-packed days of deep-dive sessions and workshops focusing on industry hot topics, such as cloud technologies, data management, coding, business intelligence and more. If that’s not enough, there will be plenty of opportunities for industry experts, professionals and developers to network at social events and the much-deserved Happy Hour.

The historic venue “Messe” meaning “Exhibition” in German, is in the heart of the German ExpoCenter City, which is conveniently reachable from the center of Berlin via a 30-minute train or taxi. Or, if you’re coming directly from Berlin Schönefeld Airport, this is also a 30-minute car journey.


CityCube Berlin
Messedamm 26
14055 Berlin, Germany

07:30 – 19:00 Thursday, December 6, 2018

08:00 – 16:00 Friday, December 7, 2018

If you want to attend but haven’t registered yet, you still can for free here.

Learning Paths

Microsoft has focused on creating ten centric learning paths to navigate their audience around the best tech deep-dive sessions and workshops available. The learning paths are customizable, so if you’re looking to gain extra skills to complement your path you’re able to.

Building your applications for the cloud

If you’re a developer, then this is a learning path you don’t want to miss. This expert-led five-module workshop and sessions explore the skills you need to design cloud-native applications with Azure. With the popularity of Azure and a demand for a better understanding of the tool and how it enhances application collaboration across global organizations, these modules aim to suffice those needs. Based on a company called Tailwind Traders, Microsoft workshop leaders will be exploring the individual aspects of the organization, such as Marketing, which need to be equipped with apps in the cloud. The sessions will delve deeper into understanding how to overcome the challenges faced with storing information in different databases, such as SQL Database and Cosmos DB, when operating in the cloud. You will then be taught how to build fool-proof applications powered by Azure, with the knowledge gained from implications with the cloud.

Find out more information on the individual sessions here.

Other Speaking Sessions to Attend

If it’s the cloud you’re interested in learning more about, Mike Weaver is your guy. Especially if you’re looking to complement a cloud-related learning path whilst at Microsoft Ignite. Our Product Owner of Cloud Commander will be holding his speaking session on “Office 365 – Your Technical Journey”, where he will discuss the technical considerations and options available when moving your users to the cloud.

In this short presentation, he will look at approaches to migration that minimize user impact whilst considering complex issues such as shared calendars and delegated rights and new capabilities such as Teams and Delve.

When? Friday 7th December @ 10:35 am CET

Where? Theatre 2, City Cube, Berlin

Hallo Berlin!

Whilst in the ‘wunderbar’ city of Berlin you should take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture. Let’s start with the B’s of Berlin – bier, bratwurst, bears, and the Brandenburg Gate!

Germany is famed for its beer, and there is a no better way to replenish after a hectic day at Ignite than by trying some of the local delicacies. Erdinger Hafeweizen describes itself as the “taste of Bavaria” and is a classic, golden sparkling wheat beer with aromas of true German flavor. A must try whilst you’re in Berlin!

The next quintessentially German dish you must try while in Berlin is a “bratwurst”, a German sausage traditionally made from pork. The name comes from the word “brät” meaning finely chopped meat, and “wurst” meaning sausage. The currywurst is also a popular variation of the local dish, which is a bratwurst with a delicious curry sauce on top. During this festive time of year, I imagine the popular Christmas markets will be filled with stalls selling the bratwurst. Here are the top five Christmas markets to visit.

All around the vibrant city of Berlin you will see architecture and art with the bear on it. Making its debut in the 1200s on coins and flags, the bear is a local ambassador. If you want to see the modern take on the bear, the “buddy bears” are a life-size fiberglass art installation which can be found all around Berlin and the world representing the united nations. Well worth a visit and a picture whilst you’re there.

Lastly, I can’t bear to end this blog without encouraging you to visit the sights of Berlin. The Brandenburg Gate is an impressive historical monument which has withstood the war and many other events, so is worth a visit. Whilst on your touristy adventure I would also recommend visiting the Alexanderplatz and Reichstag building, both are iconic buildings with a lot of German history. You can find out more information here.

Look for the bulls!

As always, we have lots of treats up our sleeve, so come and find us at booth GP4.

We have a brand-new game available and we will be giving out Amazon vouchers daily to our lucky winners!

We will also be giving out a free copy of the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook (2019 edition) which is normally worth around $60! In order to win this book, we want you to come and stop by our booth (GP4) and answer the following questions:

  1. What is the biggest city in Germany by population?
  2. What is Quadrotech’s Reporting tool called?
  3. What is your biggest IT struggle?

Or, if you’re not interested in grabbing yourself some swag or an eBook we will be scheduling meetings to discuss your data migration and management challenges or projects and how we can help.

You can book a meeting here.

See you there, Prost!