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Find a Recipient – Office 365 Report

9 Feb 2013 by emma.robinson

The Find a Recipient report allows you to search for an Office 365 Recipient. You can search by Display Name, First Name, Last Name or Email Address. You cannot use this report to search for a Distribution Group, we have a separate Find Distribution Group report for that.
This report is very simple to use and is designed to provide a quick overview of a single recipient. Just type part of the Recipients name or email address into the search box and click Search.

Find Recipient

Find Recipient

You can see the type of information returned in the above screenshot. There are some properties that you may find particularly useful.

  1. The Recipient Type and Office 365 Licence assigned
  2. The Distribution Groups this user is a Member Of. If you click on one of these Distribution Groups you will be taken to the Overview report for that group.

If this recipient is a mailbox you will also be able to see the users Mailbox Size and Quota settings.
Can you think of a way to improve this report? Is there anything extra you wish to see? Let us know in the comments below.