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Filtering and Owner Conflict Handling

4 Aug 2014 by Andrew Barnes

Filtering and Owner Conflict Handling

If handling a PST migration manually, or using a limited tool, it may not be possible to filter data. The result will be a lot of unwanted email in the target platform.

For example it is good practice to delete email according to company policy. Typically email is discoverable for up to 7-years, the policy is likely to be to delete anything older than this. Filtering it out ensures that unnecessary emails do not make it to the target.

Another example is email shortcuts. Where a PST file has been used in combination with an email archiving platform it is almost certain that there will be shortcuts in the PST files. These will be invalid in the target platform and should be removed.

PST FlightDeck has advanced filtering capabilities to deal with many different selective migration scenarios.

Owner conflict handling is often overlooked during PST Migration projects yet is is one of the most common reasons for user complaints about lost emails or content confusion.

PST FlightDeck will process files according to the ownership details, but rather than just accept that these details are correct it has a built in mechanism to verify file ownership.

If discrepancies are found, for example if more than one owner is detected, PST FlightDeck will automatically notify operators who can verify ownership and assign the correct owner prior to ingestion.