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Exporting data in CSV and PDF format from Cogmotive Reports

27 Dec 2012 by emma.robinson

This article refers to our former reporting, security, and management products. We have now integrated these products into Nova, an all-new Office 365 management platform. Find out more

We’ve improved the ability to Export data from our Office 365 reporting application. You can now export our reports in both CSV and PDF format (Assuming you are using a modern web browser).
Our reports come with a range of export options, pictured in this screenshot.

Export Buttons

These options will honor any Report Filters or Column Re-ordering that you’ve performed on the report page.

Sort Columns & Apply Filters

To Export a Report in CSV Format

Click the Export Report button on any Office 365 report and you will presented with the option to provide a Name and Description for this report.

Export Report Options

Click Export and the report will be downloaded in your browser in CSV format. You can then open this file in Microsoft Excel to perform customised or advanced Office 365 Reporting and Analytics. You will be able to see the Name and Description you gave the report at the top of the CSV file.

CSV File viewed in Excel

To Print or Export a Report in PDF Format

You can use the Print Report button to create a print friendly version of the Office 365 report you have created. If you are using a modern Browser such as IE10, Safari, Chrome or Firefox you can use this function to save a PDF version of this Office 365 report.

Print/Save As PDF Dialog

If you are on the Cogmotive Reports trial, you will only be able to export a maximum of 20 entries for each report.
What do you think of our new Office 365 Report export functionality? We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.