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Exploring Skype Meeting Broadcast

28 Apr 2016 by Emma Robinson

There was a time, not all that long ago, when employees had to be in the office in order to work, and external communication was limited to calling from a landline phone in a fixed location to another landline phone in another fixed location – remember that?
Feeling nostalgic?
Now, the way we used to work is almost unimaginable: there’s absolutely no need to be sat in front of a phone, or a desktop, or laptop with a headset; if you have either your smartphone or tablet, and (the only non-negotiable component) reliable Wi-Fi, then you’re set.
The ability to work whenever, wherever and on whatever device you have in your hand is not simply a possibility, in many cases it’s an expectation – sometimes even a requirement. As a result many SaaS vendors have provided software to meet this growing need, including online meetings, instant messaging, audio/ video calls, and web conferencing solutions. One major provider for this is Skype for Business, which is available either on-premises, or in the cloud.
Skype for Business Online forms a crucial component of Office 365 for many organisations. However, one lesser known feature of the solution is Skype Meeting Broadcast, a component in Skype for Business Online which is available for many Office 365 Enterprise licences. Previously, the limit for Skype for Business meetings was 250 attendees, but with the introduction of Skype Meeting Broadcast in May last year, it is now possible to host meetings, webinars and broadcasts of up to 10,000 attendees. For organisations with the relevant licence, this may seem like the perfect web broadcasting tool, it’s low cost (well free, because you already have it), it is integrated into your Office 365 environment, and has the added benefit of familiarity – sharing a similar User Interface to Skype for Business.
Sound too good to be true? There are a couple of limitations to the technology in its current state, which can make some areas of Skype Meeting Broadcast a little unwieldy, depending on your broadcasting needs. In our upcoming webinar, we will explore all aspects of Skype Meeting Broadcast, guiding you through the set up process, and identifying any aspects which could trip first-time broadcasters up.
Want to find out more about Skype Meeting Broadcast?
We hosted a webinar which explores the tool, why not listen to the recording here?
Or download our white paper: ‘Exploring Skype Meeting Broadcast: Everything you need to know before you get started.’