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Exploring PSTN calling – Part 2 Adding and Assigning Numbers

Oct 11, 2016 by Emma Robinson

The previous post in our series on PSTN calling talked about how to buy the correct licences, and purchase any necessary add-ons for PSTN calling through Skype for Business. This blog will explore how to add and assign phone numbers for US and non-US organisation.
How to add phone numbers
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are adding a US number, then you should follow these instructions from the start. If you are adding a non-US number, scroll down to ‘Step.4’ and complete this step first, then scroll back up to ‘Step.1’ and follow the instructions.
Step 1. Sign into Office 365 with your Admin credentials. Go to the Admin Center, expand the ‘Admin Centers’ section and select ‘Skype for Business’ (as shown below).
Step 2. Click on the ‘Voice’ option in the side navigation.
Note: you will not see this option if you are not correctly licensed. You can find out more about licensing in our previous PSTN blog.
voice1In this area, you will be able to see the Skype for Business Cloud PBX licences you have. In the example above, this tenant does not have any licences, but if you do have them, the total will be shown above the three icons (+, Filter, and Search).
Note: You can actually get more phone numbers than you have licences for. To find out the number you are able to acquire, add 10% and then 10 to your total licences (so if you have 200 licences, you can have 230 phone numbers). 
Step 3. Select the ‘+’ button, which will take you through to the ‘Add new user numbers’ page. Find the Country/Region, State and City you would like, and choose the amount of phone numbers you would like to add. Then at the bottom of the page, click on ‘acquire numbers’ to confirm your choice.
Once you have acquired your numbers, you will return to the Voice page, and they will be listed in the table.
Step 4. Add emergency addresses and locations for your organization (non-US phone numbers need to complete this step before starting Step 1.)
In some countries or regions, when you receive an Office 365 phone number this is paired with an emergency address, which means that this step needs to be completed beforehand.

  1. Sign into Office 365, and go to the Admin Center. Expand Admin Centers, and select Skype for Business.
  2. Click on ‘Voice’ in the side navigation, and select ‘Emergency Locations’ and ‘Add’.
  3. In the ‘New Address’ window, enter your address and click ‘validate’. Make sure each field is completed correctly.
  4. Once your address has been validated, click ‘Save’.

Step 5. Assign phone numbers and emergency addresses to users.

  1. On the ‘Voice users’ page, select the users you would like to assign a phone number and emergency address to.
  2. Click ‘Assign number’ and on the next page, in the ‘Select number to assign’ drop down, choose the phone number for your user.
  3. To add an emergency address, use the ‘Find City’ search box to choose the address.
  4. After both number and address have been assigned, click ‘Save’.

Step 6. Let your users know!
There’s no point assigning phone numbers if they don’t realise they have them, and it’s easy to miss the appearance of the keypad at the top of the interface! Make sure you let your users know, and provide some information or guidance on how to use their new feature.
Our next blog in the series will take a look at how to transfer existing numbers to Skype for Business Online, so make sure to keep an eye on the blog over the next few weeks.
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