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Exception Handling and Retry

4 Aug 2014 by Andrew Barnes

Exception Handling and Retry

When dealing with potentially hundreds of thousands of PST files it is critical that exceptions are well handled. While 99.99% of the files will process without incident any exceptions should notified pro-actively to the operator to take action.

PST FlightDeck has an event driven approach to exception handling meaning that an operator will only be notified if specific action is required. If an issue can be resolved automatically, perhaps through an automatic re-try, the PST FlightDeck will do so.

It is not always possible to resolve exceptions automatically. Typical situations that require operator input include:

  • A user has not been enabled in the target system
  • A user no longer exists in Active Directory
  • A file failed a post-processing task, for example ANSI to Unicode conversion
  • A file is reported as owned by more than one user

These and others are reported through the PST FlightDeck dashboard where they can be acknowledged and resolved, or have comments added if resolution cannot be achieved immediately.

Automatic retries are an important aspect as well. PST FlightDeck will try several times to process a file that has failed. Failure reasons may include unavailability of files, users or target resources.