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Enhanced Email Archive Migration: Introducing Archive Shuttle 9.4

Mar 25, 2019 by Jason Jacobo

I’m pleased to announce the availability of a new version of Archive Shuttle, our fast, flexible, automated email archive migration solution. Compared to previous releases, we’ve packed nearly twice as many enhancements into this release! Many of these efforts were focused on enhancing our popular Journal Explosion functionality.

Most of the changes were made based on feedback we received—internal feedback and feedback on how we can better accommodate the needs of modern enterprises.

Here’s what you’ll find in Archive Shuttle 9.4:

Journal archive migration process refined

As I mentioned, a lot of our effort was focused on enhancing Journal Explosion. For those who aren’t familiar, Journal Explosion delivers an instance of a message from a journal archive to all recipients of that message.

To better accommodate enterprises who are using the Journal Explosion feature, we redesigned the handling of leavers. This proved to be a complex task. Here’s some of what was included in this work:

  • We refined the stages of Journal Explosion to support the handling of leavers throughout the process.
  • Several new pages were developed to support the new Journal Explosion process.
  • Leavers are now handled on a global level, across multiple journals, mappings, or links.
  • During the Journal Explosion process, Archive Shuttle now handles SMTP addresses not paired with Active Directory information for PST and Exchange as a target.

As you can see, we’ve made quite a few refinements to the Journal Explosion leaver handling process. In addition, we enhanced Journal Explosion usability by adding support for user-defined tokens per container mapping when migrating to Office 365.

Better alignment with Microsoft best practices

I feel like Quadrotech pioneered the process for the automatic migration of archived leaver data at a time when no best practices were defined. Since then, Microsoft developed a process that nearly aligned with ours. In this release, we aligned with that Microsoft process. As a result, you can find these in Archive Shuttle 9.4:

  • We now support ingestion to Exchange Online over OAuth/modern authentication.
  • We revised our process for handling accounts on legal hold.

Finally, here’s a video showing some of the new additions in this release:

For a full report of what’s new in Archive Shuttle 9.4, check out the release notes.

If you’d like to learn more about our expert email archive migration services, please contact us today.