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Embedding Cogmotive Reports into your own website

14 Jul 2014 by emma.robinson

This article refers to our former reporting, security, and management products. We have now integrated these products into Nova, an all-new Office 365 management platform. Find out more

Cogmotive Reports Partners who are using our White-Label feature can embed our reports directly into their website.
This allows you to provide our reports to your customers without them having to leave your website!

Embed Cogmotive Reports into your own website

Embed Cogmotive Reports into your own website

Our reports are loaded securely inside an IFRAME within your website and you only need to paste one line of HTML code into your website to take advantage of this feature.
<iframe src="" style="width:100%; min-height: 700px;" seamless="seamless" frameborder="0"></iframe>
Just make sure that you replace the URL with your own Cogmotive White-Label URL.
If you need any help with this please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing our partner team at