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Email Addresses – Office 365 Report

9 Feb 2013 by emma.robinson

The Email Addresses report shows you the email addresses of all your Office 365 recipients. This includes Users, Shared Mailboxes, Room Mailboxes and Contacts. Email addresses for Distribution Groups are not shown on this report, they are shown on a separate Distribution Group report.

Office 365 Email Addresses Report

Email Addresses Report

This report has some very powerful filters which can help you create Address Lists from your Office 365 users based on specific criteria.
In the example below, we filter for all objects with email addresses located in Singapore.
Email Addresses with Filter

Email Addresses with Filter

You can also search directly for users by typing a portion of their name into the Search Box provided at the top of the table. This searches all the Display Name, UserPrincipalName and Email Addresses and shows you all matches. If you’d like to re-order the table you can do so by clicking one of the column headers.
Search and Re-Order Table Data

Search and Re-Order Table Data

Exporting the Report Data

Most of our reports offer the ability to Export the data to CSV or PDF format. Please see our blog post for more information on Exporting Data from Cogmotive Reports.

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve this report? We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.