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Distribution Groups – Office 365 Reports

Feb 19, 2013 by Emma Robinson

Our Office 365 Reporting software provides the ability to generate reports on your Office 365 Distribution Groups. The main Distribution Group report allows you to quickly list all the groups in your Office 365 tenant along with an overview of their members. Here you can also filter and search your groups based on certain criteria.

Clicking on the More Details link for a group will take you to the Distribution Group Details Report which gives a more in depth information.

Distribution Groups are also woven into other parts of our Office 365 Reporting tool. For example, searching for a recipient will show you exactly what Distribution Groups this object is a member of.

Clicking on one of these group names will take you to the Details Report for that Distribution Group.

Distribution Group Search

This report will show you all Distribution Groups in your Office 365 tenant. You can even filter and search for a specific set of groups by either typing into the search box.

Distribution Group Search - Auto Complete

Distribution Group Search – Auto Complete

Distribution Group - Search Results

Distribution Group – Search Results

Or by clicking one of the Filter Buttons. Selecting one of these will show all groups of a particular type.

Distribution Group - Filter by type

Distribution Group – Filter by type


Each distribution group returned by either a search or a filter will also display some basic information about itself.


Distribution Group - Search Results Explained

Distribution Group – Search Results Explained


  1. The Display Name and type of Distribution Group
  2. The number of members and their type
  3. Any nested Distribution Groups

These nested Distribution Groups can be clicked on to show their details.

Distribution Group - Expand Nested Groups

Distribution Group – Expand Nested Groups

Once you have found the Office 365 Distribution Group you are looking for, you can click the More Details link to see all it’s properties and members.

Distribution Group Details

This report gives you information about a particular distribution group and all of it’s members. You usually arrive at this report when you click on the name of a group in another report. The information is broken up into several different sections.

Distribution Group Details1. Distribution Group Overview
The overview section gives you the basic details about the group we are viewing. If you require more detailed information you can click the More Information link to view an expanded set of details.

Expanded Distribution Group Details

2. Members Overview Chart
The pie chart will show you a visual breakdown of the members of this distribution group broken down by Recipient Type.
3. Distribution Group Hierarchy
Nested distribution groups have plagued Microsoft Exchange administrators since the day they were invented. This section visually shows you exactly what other groups the current group is a member of, as well as any groups nested within it.
4. Distribution Group Members
The table at the bottom of the report shows the details of all the recipients within the group. You can filter for a specific recipient type by clicking the filter buttons above the table. You can also search for a particular recipient using our search functionality.

Distribution Group Members

Dynamic Distribution Groups do not list their members in our report. Instead, you will see the membership filter settings applied.

Dynamic Distribution Group Settings
What do you think about our Distribution Group reports? Do you see any room for improvement? Let us know in the comments section below