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Developed by popular demand – Archive Mailbox reporting

29 Feb 2016 by Emma Robinson

We are very excited to announce a new addition to the Exchange section of Cogmotive Office 365 Reports. Developed in response to popular demand, our report on archive mailboxes is now available, offering deeper insight into Exchange Online Archiving.
An archive mailbox sits alongside the users’ primary folders in Outlook or Outlook Web App, offering users advanced archiving capabilities. Also known as an ‘In-Place Archive’ in Exchange Online, these help people in your organisation take control of messaging data in Office 365, by providing additional email storage outside of their default mailbox. Users can access the archive in the same way that they access their primary mailbox, and they can also search both their archives and primary mailboxes.
The archive mailbox sizes report shows exactly how much mail is stored in each user’s In-Place Archive. Reports can be filtered by a wide number of variables, such as department, country, or job title, in order to show information on a subset of users.
Archive Mailboxes
Archive Mailbox - size and growth
We’ve developed Archive Mailbox reporting in response to requests from our users, so we hope that this will be a useful addition to our ever-growing number of reports for Office 365. If you have ideas for new reports and features that you would like to see in Cogmotive Reports, make sure you let us know – user feedback is central to the development and improvement of our products.
Want to know whether archived mailboxes are being used in your organisation, and how much mail is stored in them? Why not take a free trial today?