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Desktop and Laptop Refresh

7 Aug 2014 by Andrew Barnes

Use Case – Desktop and Laptop Refresh

Whether upgrading to the latest version of windows, or rolling out new hardware, Desktop and Laptop refresh projects are complex, costly and present serious risks to end-user productivity.

One challenge is the sheer volume of data and the number of PST files. Users keep multiple copies of PST files as backup, some may be corrupted. It is not uncommon for users to have hundreds of PST files consuming many tens of GB storage. A refresh project is an ideal time to eliminate PST files.

Using PST FlightDeck will streamline the location of all PST files including those stored locally or on network drives. Having this information at the planning stage allows the scale of the challenge to be evaluated.

PST FlightDeck will then centralize, verify, repair and de-duplicate at an item level prior to ingestion back into Exchange. As a result less storage is consumed and users are not confused by having multiple copies of emails.

Click below to read how a European energy producer used PST FlightDeck to power the elimination of almost 150,000 PST files as part of a desktop refresh project.

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