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Day One at Ignite 2017

26 Sep 2017 by Dan Langille

Anyone who’s ever tried to write a mission statement will tell you:  It is damnably difficult to articulate in a couple dozen words the essence of a company’s reason to exist.  And it is significantly more challenging to craft a mission statement that ignites the imaginations of customers, partners, and employees alike.

The fact that Microsoft accomplished this nearly impossible feat— and in fact, persistently accomplishes it daily all around the world—was my first and most powerful impression from day one here at Microsoft Ignite 2017.

“To empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more” continues to be the engine that powers Microsoft’s strategy as well as that of partners like us, who are delivering the intelligent edge around Microsoft’s cloud platforms. Technology in and of itself is but a means to an end; the end it enables is inclusive design that provides seamless transition between devices and modes of input (ink, voice, etc) that influences and improves how people use the underlying technology to achieve more.

“The Modern Workplace” is the Microsoft pillar which we here at Quadrotech extend and enhance, and it is all about changing how people work so they can go beyond ticking tasks off to-do lists to achieving their full creative potential as members of dynamic, collaborative, cross-functional teams.

Microsoft 365 sits at the heart of the Modern Workplace, but Microsoft made it clear today that the familiar tools it includes (Office 365, Windows 10, EMS) are of secondary value to the underlying Microsoft Graph platform—for it is this rich set of data that connects people with content to facilitate frictionless collaboration powered by AI-first search and discovery encompassing LinkedIn, Cortana, and (new!) Bing for Business.

Microsoft 365 also sits at the heart of our IP and managed services, and we made a number of very exciting announcements of our own during this event so far. Our presence here at Ignite, as a gold sponsor, with a ‘spinning hat’ is all in support of those product launches, and demonstrating the innovations we’ve developed this year, as well as some old favourites. Day 2 is just beginning, and the heavy traffic and intense customer interest witnessed at our booth so far is rewarding validation that we are indeed making a meaningful contribution towards helping Microsoft and our mutual customers succeed in their mission to achieve more.

Please visit us at booth #119 to ask our subject matter experts how we can help you with smarter migrations, smarter reporting, and smarter management. And enjoy the rest of Ignite 2017!