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Connected management in one interface for Office 365 – This is Nova

Sep 19, 2019 by Natalie Frith

In this short video, we provide a high-level overview as to how our new Office 365 management software, Nova, can maximize your Office 365 investment for both IT teams and end users. Nova is a robust platform of integrated services for Office 365 management, providing a secure, productive, cost-optimized service. Whether you have one tenant or hundreds, Nova enables you to gain deeper operational control and visibility of your environment while removing a significant load from IT through sophisticated automation, delegation, and policy control in one interface.

A single platform for total Office 365 management

When organizations migrate to the cloud, IT teams are faced with a new set of complex challenges in the digital workplace. While the end user benefits from the new features and functionalities, IT teams are burdened with ongoing training and adoption activities to combat end-user resistance, all in addition to daily application management.

Office 365 presents a whole new set of operational challenges for IT teams as they attempt to manage the platform across 13 different portals, resulting in heavily increased workloads. With Nova, we’ve alleviated these challenges by integrating the ability to “see” and “do” into one platform. This simplicity removes the need for multiple portals, thus liberating IT teams from manual administration. In the words of Thomas Madsen, Quadrotech’s CEO – “Insight is nothing without action, and connected management in one interface is the only way to ensure speed, agility, and centralized control.”

From an operations standpoint, Nova is highly scalable and extremely versatile, which translates to increased productivity and mobility for the end-user. This efficient approach to Office 365 management will not only maximize your investment, but also increase efficacy for IT teams and subsequently the entire organization. Nova can streamline operations, deliver full control of your environment, and empower your IT Teams to work on processes, rather than getting tied up in them.

With secure, flexible access to IT operations and administration, this conducive role-based access control delivers secure access to end-users for specified tasks, using a least-privilege administrative model. This extends the business value of the platform across critical operations beyond IT administration and support.

In addition, our industry-leading cloud migration tool has also been integrated into the Nova platform. This means that you can initiate, deploy, and track a tenant migration from the portal. Find out more about our Office 365 tenant to tenant migration tool Cloud Commander.

Nova also allows you to deploy smarter adoption strategies with our built-in Adoption Accelerator. This feature arms you with the granular usage data you need to locate and segment users that are lagging behind, enabling you to build sophisticated, multi-phase email campaigns with tips and training content. Once your campaign is up and running, you can track progress, and narrow your scope as your Office 365 user adoption strategy starts working.

All-in-all Nova is a complete game changer, integrating five crucial management areas into one platform. With actionable visibility at every level, Nova delivers full control and platform stability. With the click of a button, you have access to several robust, key features to further enable IT teams. Aside from Cloud Commander and Adoption Accelerator, the Service Monitoring component provides Office 365 workload availability monitoring, using beacons deployed on-premises to assess user experience and pinpoint issues. Nova’s Reporting and Analytics administer detailed Office 365 analytics for monitoring service adoption, license management, mail flow, security settings, permissions, storage optimization, and so much more. Nova offers Delegation and Policy Control, a granular role-based access control and delegated rights tool, with preconfigured and custom management actions. Finally, our Security, Auditing and Compliance tools allow you to protect your Office 365 environment with powerful auditing and on-event alerting to prevent, detect and investigate threats, while also achieving GDPR compliance.

Take the next step towards advanced SaaS management. Contact us to see how Nova can streamline operations, deliver full control of your environment, and empower your IT Teams to work on processes, rather than getting tied up in them