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New Cogmotive Reports Pricing Released

20 Dec 2012 by emma.robinson

At Cogmotive we’ve lowered our Cogmotive Reports pricing and simplified our pricing structure. We’ve introduced a tiered model which allows customers to pay a fixed price each month regardless of whether or not more users get added to their Office 365 tenant.
Your company will fall into one of our tiers depending on the number of mailboxes you have on Office 365. You will then pay a fixed monthly fee for access to our Office 365 reports.
Our tiers look like this:

Number of Office 365 Mailboxes New Monthly Price
Up to 25 Free
26 to 500 $US 39.00
501 to 1,500 $US 99.00

Companies with more than 1,500 mailboxes qualify for our enterprise pricing tier. These plans come with access to dedicated support phone numbers and other enterprise style features. More information on our new pricing can be found here on our Pricing Page.
We believe these prices are fair to customers of all sizes and represent excellent value of money. These fixed prices should help customers budget for our service with greater accuracy. As always, each of our plans comes with a free trial so you can get a feel for the product.

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Dan has been hard at work tweaking our code and optimizing our technologies to squeeze even more oomph out of our resources. Kudos to him! Our existing infrastructure can now handle twice the volume and we figured we’d pass those savings on to our customers!
What do you think about our new pricing? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below.