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Cogmotive Reports – Dashboard

4 Dec 2012 by Dan Rose

Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing a number of blogs on some of the Office 365 reporting that we are currently offering at Cogmotive Reports. The first section I wanted to focus on is the Dashboard. The is the main screen you’ll see when you signup. The Dashboard is designed to give you an overall picture of your tenant within Office 365 as well as some tenant specific information.
The Dashboard is just a small snapshot, a more extensive view of each report from this page can be found elsewhere within Cogmotive Reports.
The heading at the top of the page will display your default Office 365 tenant domain,

Cogmotive Reports Dashboard

Cogmotive Reports Dashboard

The report section at the top is split into 3 separate parts.

Active vs Inactive Mailboxes 

Displays the number of mailboxes that have been accessed in the last 7 days.

Total User Mailboxes – The number of User mailboxes within your tenant, this does not include any discovery & shared mailboxes.
Active User Mailboxes – The number of mailboxes accessed in the last 7 days, both of these stats are represented in the pie chart above.
Total Mailboxes – The total number of mailboxes within your tenant, this includes any discovery & shared mailboxes.
Purchased & Active Office 365 Licenses – Indication of the Office 365 licenses that are available and currently in use

Active vs Inactive Mobile Devices

This chart outlines the mobile devices which have not connected to your Office 365 tenant in the past 30 days. Additional information about your Office 365 connected mobile devices are in the table below this chart.

Users with Mobile Devices  – The number of users that have mobile devices configured to connect to Office 365
Inactive Mobile DEvices – Mobile devices which have not connected to your Office 365 tenant in the past 30 days
Total Mobile Devices  – The total number of Mobile Devices connected to your Office 365 tenant. Some users may have more than one device (A mobile phone and perhaps a tablet)
Devices with Policy Not Applied  – This shows any Mobiles that have failed to apply an active sync device policy correctly.
Blocked Devices – Number of Mobile Devices in a Blocked state

Mailbox Sizes – Top 5

This report shows the largest 5 mailboxes within your tenant.

Total Mailbox Size – Total size of content within Office 365 for your tenant
Total Item Count – Number of items in all mailboxes with in Office 365
Growth – How much your total mail storage has grown since the date specified.
Average Mailbox & Item Size – Fairly self explanitary

General Details

Primary Domain – Office 365 primary domain
Other Accepted Domains – Other domains associated with your tenant
Last Data Collection – This shows when the data within Cogmotive Reports was last updated for your tenant.
License Type – Cogmotive Reports license type

Part 2 – Cogmotive Reports General User Reports