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Cogmotive Office 365 Reports now supports Single Sign-On

21 Jun 2015 by Emma Robinson

Cogmotive Office 365 Reports now supports Single Sign-On through Windows Azure Active Directory which allows customers to log in to Cogmotive’s products using their Office 365 (Windows Azure Active Directory) username and password.
This makes it easier for Administrators to grant access to Cogmotive’s products inside Windows Azure Active Directory.  When a user leaves the company and their Active Directory account is disabled they will automatically lose access to Cogmotive’s products as well.
It also makes it easier for users as they do not have to remember a different set of usernames and passwords for each piece of software that they use.  If they are authenticated to Office 365 in their browser, they will not be re-prompted to authenticate when they go to access their Office 365 reports.

Enabling Single Sign-On also increases your security.  By leveraging Azure Active Directory, all the same enhanced security you use for your Office 365 account applies to Cogmotive’s products.  You can seemlessly use the same Two-Factor Authentication methods and all authentication is handled by Microsoft’s servers, so Cogmotive never even see the users passwords.
To get started, enable Single Sign-On for your Cogmotive Office 365 Reports account now!