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Cogmotive is now a fully dedicated Office 365 Knowledge Center

Sep 25, 2017 by Emma Robinson

On September 27th at Microsoft Ignite 2016, we announced that Cogmotive would be joining the Quadrotech Group, a leading provider of tools to manage the migration of the entire email ecosystem.
Fast forward 12 months, and we’ve had a very busy year, and our teams, solutions and approaches are fully integrated. We’ve spent a lot of time getting to know each other better – understanding, and learning from each other’s technologies, working together, and planning new and exciting things for the future (make sure you keep an eye on the Quadrotech blog this week to see what I mean!)
Our combined solutions are diverse, but connected. They can take you through the entire email migration process, and ease the transition into Office 365 with advanced reporting and security tools that deliver ongoing value and insight. As part of this integration, we knew we needed to forge a clearer brand alignment for our Office 365 Reporting and Analytics applications: Cogmotive Reports – and this means a new look, a new name, and a new location.
Cogmotive Reports is now Radar Reporting!

We’ve spent a lot of time developing a new brand for our application, one that can seamlessly join the Quadrotech solution set, both aesthetically, and physically – as you may have noticed, our Cogmotive product pages now redirect to their new location on the Quadrotech site.
As part of this rebrand, all of our modules have received new names:

  • Cogmotive Office 365 Reports is now Radar for Office 365.
  • Cogmotive SharePoint Online Reports is now Radar for SharePoint Online.
  • Cogmotive Discover & Audit is now Radar for Security & Audit.

For those of you who have taken a trial, tried the demo, or use the application regularly, the name Radar should make sense. Like a Radar, our solutions aim to help you view your entire environment, and make it easier to spot issues, opportunities, and threats.
Please be assured that if you’re an existing customer, the name and logo are the only changes you will see. Your log in, reports, settings and configurations inside your application should be exactly as they were the last time you logged in, and we’ve done everything we can to make it an easy transition. You can find our FAQs, and support with the announcement here.
What’s happening to the Cogmotive website?
We know that many of you visit our site for the informational content we post – the PowerShell scripts, the Admin advice, the webinars, how-to guides, and the blog. Don’t worry, these resources are not going anywhere, in fact – you’ll see them grow.
Cogmotive is transforming into a fully dedicated Knowledge Center!
Our blog started in 2012. Its foundations have always been rooted in helping the IT community save time, and solve problems. Our first few posts were actually created by opening a beer, and browsing through IT forums, looking for problems we could help solve – we saw an issue, worked on a fix, wrote up our solution, and posted the link. This is still a research method we use today when we’re looking for topics, but with less beer, sadly.
In March 2016, we launched a Resource Center to complement the blog, and provide longer, more detailed resources in different formats like white papers, use cases, and on-demand webinars. It still amazes us that one of our most popular resources are the ‘How-to Guides’. In a world where everyone is online all the time, and Google is always at your fingertips, people wanted to get a downloadable, offline copy of our most popular, instructional blogs – who knew?! You downloaded them, so we’ll keep making them.
Now that ‘Radar Reporting’ has moved, and the product focus has gone with it, the Cogmotive website will become a fully-fledged Knowledge Center for Office 365. The blog and resource center will continue to explore industry news, provide technical tips, and offer Office 365 guidance – it will continue to grow.
Make sure you keep an eye on this space, leave us feedback by commenting on the blog, download resources that you might find helpful, and watch us continue to build it out into a space that’s knowledgeable, and useful. We want to create what you want to see, so make sure you let us know when we’re getting right, and when we’re not quite on the mark.
That’s our big news for this year’s Ignite. If you’re at the event this year, we hope you have a great time, and we’re at booth #119, so make sure to stop by, chat with our team, watch a demo, try out some tech, and pick up some swag.
If you would like to find out more about Radar Reporting, you can read more about the announcement here, and find more about our advanced reporting and analytics solutions here.