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Cogmotive announces Compliance & Audit Tool

Apr 28, 2015 by Emma Robinson

Cogmotive’s existing Office 365 Reporting product is fantastic at showing you who has access to what, but more recently our customers have been asking us for extra information about whether or not users are actually accessing those resources.
Historically, getting this type of activity information wasn’t possible.  That’s now changed thanks to the Office 365 Management Activity API.
Cogmotive was selected by Microsoft as one of a handful of companies to get early access to a new API, which we are using to develop a powerful audit and compliance tool that will provide much needed visibility into the otherwise black box environment of Office 365.
Cogmotive Compliance & Audit
Office 365, as with all cloud-based applications, can be a black box that gives Compliance Officers and IT Administrators limited visibility of user activities.  This can pose risks to organisations who have regulatory requirements or heightened security concerns, especially when combined with the fact that cloud services are accessible from any internet connected PC.
Office 365 users will be able to use our tool to reduce risks and increase visibility of what’s happening in their cloud environment as well as record of all activities occurring on the service.
Cogmotive’s new tool will collect data for customers on all their employees’ Office 365 activities and analyse behaviours to help security officers to prevent and respond to incidents. Data will be stored securely for as long as the customer requires to enable them to meet audit and compliance requirements.
We are currently accepting expressions of interest from customers looking for a security and compliance tool to participate in testing of the new product prior to its release. Visit to register your interest.