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Choose your Cogmotive Office 365 Reports Export Delimiter

12 Jun 2015 by Emma Robinson

A customer of ours recently raised an issue with us surrounding the exporting of Data in CSV files that use a comma to separate values.
Apparently when you open these CSV files in certain language versions of Microsoft Excel they did not correctly load.  This is due to these languages using a comma instead of a decimal point before decimal places.
As soon as we were made aware of it we updated our systems to allow customers to choose a different delimiter to separate the values within the files.
Export Report Delimiter
From today, customers can choose to separate data in our exported files using either a comma (,), semi-colon (;) or pipe (|).
This is available when exporting a file directly from Cogmotive Office 365 Reports, as well as when emailing or scheduling a report.
Do you need to send automated reports in CSV files with European friendly delimiters?  Why not sign up for a free trial of Cogmotive Office 365 reports!