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Bulls-eye view: Want to see what went down at Inspire?

27 Jul 2018 by emma.robinson

QuadroBulls on Tour

Microsoft Inspire 2018 finished up last week, but we’re not quite ready to let go. Here’s a rather shambolic photo/video diary of what went down last week, as experienced by our bulls.

Let’s start at the beginning

Our Vegas ‘QuadroBulls’ couldn’t wait to get going. The brides, showgirls, the one and only Elvis, and a fair few gamblers scampered into their luxury transport, destined for the desert.

Viva Las Vegas

After a night of living it up, hitting the casinos, and acting like high-rollers, our bulls were feeling a little delicate on the first day of Inspire. After claiming ‘jetlag’, they decided to keep well out of the way, hiding out in the rafters of the stand, while our team chatted to attendees, gave demos, and awarded prizes and giveaways.

Bulls with hangovers

Stealing the limelight

After a few ‘red bulls’, our mascots found themselves revived and full of energy. So much energy, in fact, that one sneaky blue bull decided to perch on our CEO Thomas Madsen’s head, while he was awarding Insight with our ‘Partner of the Year 2018’ award. That’s some serious photo-bombing skills right there.

Insight award

After a few days of meeting new people, getting up to mischief, sweltering in the desert heat (and being unsuccessfully juggled by our SVP of Customer Success, Tony Sterling)…

It was time for the final celebrations and the highly-anticipated BRUNO MARS.

Bruno Mars at Inspire

Locked out of heaven…

Leaving a trail of angry, broken-hearted, would-be brides in her wake.

Sad Bride Bulls

‘I think I wanna marry you’

One lucky bull got the chance to be serenaded by Bruno himself (along with all the other human attendees).

Bull at Bruno Mars

Homeward Bound

Finally, Inspire came to an end, sessions ended, the venue emptied out, and the stands were dismantled. Time to head back home.

Bulls in boxes

It was off to the airport for our bulls, couriered single-handedly by our Director of Channel Sales, Nick Dishman.

The long trip back

Tired, bedraggled, and a little worse for wear. Our bulls checked out of Vegas, leaving their dignity, dollars, and diamantés behind.

Bulls going home

Want to see some more serious news that came out of Inspire? Keep an eye on the blog over the next few weeks for updates from our Channel Team.