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Building our ‘Dream Teams’: Quadrotech’s (hopeful) announcement predictions for Ignite 2019

2 Oct 2019 by Emma Robinson

As a company that has fully embraced Teams, our users rely on it for all areas of their daily communication and collaboration. As we get closer to Ignite 2019 and anticipate some big Teams announcements, we thought it might be interesting to ask ‘What functionality would you like to see added to Microsoft Teams’.

When I posted this on our ‘Teams Tips and Help’ channel, I did not anticipate the 118(!) responses I received, and the helpful way in which contributors were agreeing and adding to each other’s ideas, pointing to support articles which showed that their ‘dream’ feature was in fact available, or possible with this hack or other.

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For some, one or two suggestions were enough. Others kept coming back to the thread and built up quite the ‘laundry list’ of dream features.

Here is a selection of the best responses for features that are not currently available in Teams (as far as we could figure out), included alongside the role of their requester.

Marketing Executive: “To be able to draft a message to someone who is busy and schedule the send to when they appear available, so I don’t forget to send the message but also don’t disturb people when they’re busy.”

“I’d also like to be able to set reminders to some posts/messages, so I don’t forget to action them later.”

Director of Training: “My first idea … tabs. You often need to look at stuff in one channel, and respond to stuff in another channel, and that would be so much easier with tabs.”


  • To be able to add ‘posts’ or comments to a ‘to-do list’ app.
  • An option to “Close” (and grey out) Threads
  • Threaded posts (so you can reply to a reply)”


  • “Using more screen real-estate (half the screen is “dead” space)…”
  • “Detached conversations (i.e. multiple windows)”
  • “Ability to remove the “Files” Tab”
  • “Threads in 1:1 chats”
  • “Better interoperability with SfB/ Skype”
  • “External conversations with people that don’t need to be Azure AD “Guests”
  • “Phone numbers in Switzerland/Slovakia” – editor’s note, this sibilant request is not as random as it seems, we have offices in these locations.
  • “Trigger words for Memes (like Slack)”
  • “Ability to enable the “full” editor by default”
  • “Dislike button (thumbs down)”
  • “Sarcasm tag”
  • “No “dislike” button, but a “disagree” button”

Senior Support and Operations Engineer: “paste not formatted (plain) text, email post and add a dislike button”

To which, someone in the chat responded:

Product Owner: “I wish for an email volley destroyer button that would ‘automagically’ make a subjected group chat with all the recipients of an email. I would also like to remove people from group chats after they joined…”

Cue our CIO removing our PO from the chat to show that it is possible…­

As for the ‘email destroyer’, Our CTO responded: ‘You’re supposed to be able to use the kebab menu in Outlook and then choose “Reply All as IM.” Too bad it only opens a chat session to the sender. Not sure if that’s a bug.’ 

Marketing Director: “I would like to be able to save a draft meeting invite without having to discard all the details/be able to switch between Teams, Chat, Calendar without having to discard/recreate the whole meeting.”

Product Owner: “I edited one thing above four times and it will not let me make any more changes… so consistent editing behavior”

“Then, a feature to consolidate, collapse and re-organize teams and channels to ‘fix’ historic Teams sprawl, or for a reorganization in a target tenant after tenant migration.”
Editor’s note: the above suggestion got a lot of likes

Multiple people: “Private channels in a public team!” – something which Microsoft is working on, and we should see very soon, like maybe this week soon!

CIO: “Transparent PNG support for Teams icons.”

Senior Technical Writer: “I’d like a shrug emoji”


Director of Training:

“I might be blind and it’s there (somewhere) already… I’d like to browse unread stuff.  Right now, I check my activity stream, and I scroll up and down a whole lot of Teams and channels for ‘bold’ ones to see what I’ve missed. I’d like to cut out that scroll and have unread threads/channels consolidated in a different icon over on the left.”

​”When you see someone is out of office … that’s cool. But when do they come back? It just literally says that the person is out of office and may not respond…”

“On the subject of holiday, (vacation if you prefer), I’d like the ability to mute a channel for a period of days. I’d also like to say something like ‘mute everything except THIS channel’.”

“​I’d also like to be able to schedule a meeting with a channel and have lovely visibility of people’s free/busy information, so I know that my meeting request is a/ easy to schedule, b/ likely to be accepted by most of the people in the channel.”

In response, one of our POs highlights the option to write/unread in the search bar, although he did refer to it as the ‘wonder bar’. And on that note…

Product Owner: “Status for users in the ‘wonder bar’ so I don’t have to ping then to see they are busy.”

Brand and Content Director: “Anyone know how to copy and paste/export an entire thread into Word or similar? Ctrl-A doesn’t do it, and it would be really handy right about now.”

Product Owner: “Pre call diag utility to measure network metrics for call quality.”

Response from CIO: “Like this one’”

Counter-response: “No, not quite”

Response from CIO: “Maybe this is the successor?”

Counter response: a GIF that says ‘You’re my Hero’ on a heart-shaped cookie.

It would be great to see some of these features, or similar announced at Ignite in a few weeks. We will be keeping a close eye on the Teams sessions to see any developments.

Quadrotech will be at Ignite 2019 (Nov 4-8). If you’re attending the event, why not drop by and say hello? We’ll be at booth #841.

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