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Auditing Unique SharePoint Permissions with Quadrotech’s SharePoint Online Reports

Oct 23, 2015 by Emma Robinson

Permission inheritance makes things easy for SharePoint Site Collection Owners and SharePoint Administrators, but what happens when someone decides to put Unique permissions onto a SharePoint Document library or folder?

Identifying where permission inheritance has been broken is difficult for SharePoint Online Administrators to do and can lead to disastrous data breaches if not correctly discovered and managed. This is exactly the kind of problem we set out to solve when designing our new SharePoint Online Reports.

Enter our SharePoint Permissions report. This report has been designed to make it simple to reduce data security risks, generate audit reports, and help organizations adhere to their SharePoint governance plans.

Permissions Report
In essence, the report shows you the permissions applied to every Site, Document Library, Lists, and Folder in your SharePoint Online Environment. By default, it shows only the Unique permissions but you can also click on these buttons to switch between Unique, Inherited, or All permission sets.

All Permissions
When we look at these permissions in more detail we can see:

  • What Site Collection this object belongs to
  • The name of the object
  • The User and Group permissions applied to this object

Permissions in Detail
Clicking on a group in the Permissions list will show you the users and any other nested groups that are a member of that group.

Group Members

Clicking on the Name of the object will take you to this item in the SharePoint Explorer report so you can identify where this object sits within the hierarchy.


You can use the Show/Hide Columns button above the data table to add extra pieces of information to this report such as the URL of this object. This makes it easier to identify when exporting or scheduling this report to a PDF or CSV file.

Adding the URL
Learn more about Quadrotech’s Office 365 reporting software to use our SharePoint Online Reports.