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Are you at LegalTech this week?

31 Jan 2017 by emma.robinson

We’re in New York this week exhibiting alongside QUADROtech at LegalTech 2017 – an event that focuses on all the latest technology innovations affecting the legal community.
This is the first time we’ve attended the event, and we’re excited to be showcasing our new Discover & Audit module to attendees, and talking to people about their data security needs. The management, protection and utilisation of data is integral to the legal sector – just think about the sheer volume of sensitive, confidential and potentially salacious information that is dealt with by law firms on a daily basis to see its importance. If data is lost or compromised as teams gather information, build cases, and present arguments to prosecute or defend, it is bound to have an extremely serious impact, not just to a single case, team, or client, but to the entire firm’s reputation.
Alarmingly, cases of phishing and hacking attempts that specifically target law firms appear to be on the rise, with cyber attacks on UK law firms climbing by nearly 20% between 2014-15 and 2015-16. New research also claims that 73% of the UK top 100 firms were the target of attacks last year. Of all the types of threat, email phishing was the most prevalent form, with attackers aiming to access either money or information from their targets.
One way to combat security threats is by leveraging the latest advances in intelligent technology to help protect your environment, and the data within it. Our newest solution, Discover & Audit, provides a full audit log of all activity in Office 365, enabling both a proactive and reactive response to threat detection. The solution allows you to segment and visualise activity, so that suspicious events can be isolated quickly using the advanced search capabilities. You can see every file modified, every login attempt, every password change, every mailbox accessed – including when, where from, and who by. When it comes to data loss prevention, and confronting cyber-threats, knowledge is power – by knowing what’s normal you can easily identify and investigate anomalous behaviour or activity, and investigate it before it threatens your environment. Find out more about Discover & Audit here.

(Our stand is set up, and ready for the event to start later today)
If you’re at LegalTech this week, make sure you come and visit us. We’re here from the 31st Jan – 2nd Feb at booth 1418. You can also enter our competition draw, for the chance to win a drone!