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Are you an Office 365 IT pro yet? What are you waiting for?

12 Jul 2018 by Thomas Madsen

The information and advice available for Office 365 can often feel more expansive than the features and capabilities of the ecosystem itself. You have blogs, documentation, support articles, forums, some Microsoft-created, others vendor-created content – all useful, but also, all over the place.

Office 365 moves fast, sometimes faster than the internet – which creates a very real problem of how can anyone know that the information they use is up to date? Equally, searching the internet to find accurate and up to date information about a question rapidly becomes tiresome.

Sometimes you just need a fully comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know, in a format that can be used for both an in-depth read, or as a reference guide. Most importantly, you want it to be as up to date as possible, detailing new features and functionality as they arrive.

Office 365 for IT Pro’s – fifth edition release

If this is what you’re looking for, look no further than the latest edition of Office 365 for IT Pros, released on July 1. First published in 2015, this eBook has now seen five editions, with the latest version written by Tony Redmond, Paul Robichaux, Juan Carlos González, Brian Reid, Gustavo Vélez, Jussi Roine, Ståle Hansen, with a foreword by Rajesh Jha (Microsoft Corporate Vice President and head of Office 365), and technical editing by Vasil Michev. This list alone demonstrates the vast technical knowledge and Office 365 experience that goes into this text.

To keep up with the constant changes made to the service, the writing team updates the ultimate guide to Office 365 monthly to include any information about changes, new functionality, or insights from real-life experience with Office 365. When you buy the eBook, it includes a subscription to receive updates for the lifetime of the edition. You can purchase a Kindle version from Amazon.

Watch out for the newly updated Quadrotech Sponsor Chapter (25), where we evaluate some of the technical challenges presented by the unprecedented success of Office 365. The chapter explores each step of the Office 365 lifecycle, outlining where our solutions can support you in a successful journey ‘to, and through the cloud’, helping you to deliver ongoing value, navigate your new environment, and maximize your Office 365 investment.

MVP Renewals for Quadrotech board and team

You may see some familiar names in the rundown of authors and editors, Tony Redmond, Chairman of the Quadrotech Board, our CTO, Paul Robichaux, and Microsoft Cloud Technology Strategist, Vasil Michev.

Not only have they been involved in the latest release of this eBook, June 2018 has also seen a renewal of their Microsoft MVP status for another year, this is the 15th award for both Redmond and Robichaux, and 4th for Michev.

I would like to congratulate them on their continued involvement with the Microsoft community, it’s great to have this level of expertise at the heart of what we do, powering our innovation and knowledge.