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Archive Shuttle Receives New Ingestion Capabilities for Proofpoint Enterprise Archive

Feb 12, 2015 by Orlaith Palmer

New capabilities for Archive Shuttle mean that Proofpoint customers can now enjoy fast and safe ingestion of email archives directly into Proofpoint Enterprise Archive.


Quadrotech is proud to announce that Archive Shuttle now has the ability to ingest email archives directly into Proofpoint Enterprise Archive!

Archiving as a service is on the rise thanks in no small part to Proofpoint’s leading approach to enterprise archiving.

“Everyone wants to move to cloud archiving—and the only thing stopping many organizations is their critical data trapped in old on-premise products,” said Darren Lee, General Manager of Archive & Governance for Proofpoint. “Our new Proofpoint Migration Accelerator makes it easier for organizations to get data out and into the cloud faster. We provide archiving freedom and data fidelity to ensure corporate archive content meets rigorous eDiscovery and regulatory compliance demands.”

But to truly take advantage of cloud-based email archiving, the dilemma of what to do with legacy email archives still remains. Migration of these archives is a challenging yet critical component of any migration project.

“We have used the Proofpoint API to achieve tight integration with Archive Shuttle. This in turn allows single item level ingestion with chain of custody preservation alongside safe, fast, scalable and efficient migration directly into Proofpoint’s native format,” commented Quadrotech CEO.

Quadrotech recently utilized PMA in conjunction with its Archive Shuttle migration service and saw a significant reduction in the time required to migrate data from Symantec Enterprise Vault. Complete data fidelity protection was successfully maintained during migration.


So, what are the key benefits can QUADROtech now bring to Proofpoint customers?

Modular Approach
Quadrotech’s Archive Shuttle architecture is modular and scales with the architecture. We ran tests extracting from two EV Servers, using one ArchiveShuttle Proofpoint module to convert the data into Proofpoint raw xml format. The migration throughput was an astonishing 2.5TB per day. This can be further scaled in larger environments with more EV Servers by adding additional conversion modules.

Automated workflow and report generation
Defined workflows can automate repetitive tasks to enable virtually unattended operation. Progress/status reports can also be generated quickly, directly from the interface.

Forensically Auditable with Chain of Custody preservation
Full Chain of Custody is preserved at all times for confident compliance and any potential eDiscovery needs.

No Migration Servers required OnPremise
Archive Shuttle is designed for organizations looking to migrate email archives, but do not want to provision on-premise servers to control the migration. Instead, Archive Shuttle allocates a dedicated core in Quadrotech’s cloud data centers to control the migration. This approach reduces the impact on resources, enabling pilot projects and email archive migration to start and complete more quickly. This also a positive effect on the time to first item (TTFI) migrated. Without the usual requirements of consulting hours, workshops, hardware deployments or Virtual Machines, the beginning of the project to the actual migration of the first item can occur in less than 2 hours.

As part of Quadrotech’s focus on security, no email content is transferred to the Quadrotech cloud. The Quadrotech cloud data centers are only used to control the process. As such, only metadata is exchanged between local and cloud servers, and this metadata is encrypted both locally and in transit.

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