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ArchiveShuttle Accomplishes Gold Certification from

8 Jan 2015 by Orlaith Palmer

What the Gold certification for ArchiveShuttle means for our customers.

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As of today, QUADROtech’s flagship ArchiveShuttle migration tool has successfully migrated over 3PB of data for our customers. Last year, we invested heavily in our cloud infrastructure in order to provide a more powerful migration experience that helps to reduce the time and cost that can go into provisioning the required hardware for a migration project. Our decision to certify through an independent 3rd party is to inspire further confidence that QUADROtech is ideally positioned to facilitate the fast and secure movement of email archives to new archiving platforms such as new versions of Enterprise Vault or Office365.

So, now ArchiveShuttle has achieved gold across the testing process, what can you have total confidence in when considering QUADROtech for your migration project?


 A full Chain of Custody means that every stage of the mail items journey has been recorded to ensure it hasn’t been changed or extracted elsewhere during migration. Without an accurate Chain, migrations will not be deemed as compliant by regulators and could also harm later practices such as forensic examinations used in eDiscovery cases for example.


No company, considering the sensitivities of email content, wants their emails to wind up in the wrong hands or take any undue security risks in regards to giving access to the mail content to migration vendors. QUADROtechs not only helps our customers avoid expensive server provisioning, but also keeps the actual email content safe by only requiring the email metadata to migrate the items.


Speed of ingestion, as well as the time taken to get a customer migrating as soon as possible, is essential for an efficient project. Our strategy towards projects utilizing is to eliminate the need for any infrastructure deployment in the Pre-Config phase and significantly reduce planning time with our simple to use interface in the cloud. Recently, from the point we were engaged by a customer (before infrastructure deployment, planning etc.), we were able to perform TTFI (TimeToFirstItemMigrated) in just 2 hours and Pilot Completion in 24. With multi-threading capabilities and our Advanced Ingestion Protocol (AIP), we can offer far higher ingestion speeds over traditional migration approaches such as via Enterprise Web Services. 


The integrity testing is designed to ensure that the newly migrated item on the target is the same one that left the source. This can get difficult when items often have to be changed in some form in order to be ingested into the target. Changes in format can affect the information within the items so if formats are changed, it’s essential to have processes in place to safeguard against potential data loss. This extends to the metadata of the item, which can include creation of archiving dates from the source, retention data and access control data for example.


The audit log of an email items journey, much like a financial transaction for instance, has to be presented to help prove the overall validity of an items migration. What happened at each stage of the project and was each stage completed successfully? While the item may have been migrated successfully, proof that it has will still be essential.


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