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ArchiveShuttle 7.5: faster archive migration with reduced WAN load

May 28, 2016 by Peter Kozak

Many enhancements for Office 365 migrations in latest ArchiveShuttle release
We recently announced that ArchiveShuttle 7.5 – the latest version of our flagship archive migration product – has been released. It features a number of enhancements to speed up archive migrations to Office 365. The most prominent of these is Quadrotech’s proprietary Highly Optimized Transport System (HOTS).

HOTS – which was previewed in 2015 – has been demonstrated in use to reduce WAN bandwidth by up to 40 percent compared with Exchange Web Services (EWS). HOTS helps overcome bandwidth limitations, single-mailbox restrictions and performance throttling, and uses the power of Microsoft’s two clouds (Azure and Office 365) to do all the heavy lifting.

Traditional archive migration transforms extracted files into formats like EWS that are recognized by Exchange and push directly into Office 365. HOTS instead creates a WAN-optimized payload that shrinks data volume while keeping it intact and compliant. This payload is transmitted into Azure, where it is converted on the fly into Quadrotech’s Advanced Ingestion Protocol (AIP) format for rapid ingestion by Office 365. The process is orchestrated by ArchiveShuttle modules running on both the customer’s on premise legacy server and Azure.

[vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_column width=”3/4″]ArchiveShuttle 7.5 also introduces the ability to sync cloud-only users from Office 365, and includes enhancements for PowerShell integration. A number of other features have been optimized to improve speed and usability.

The sheer size of most data archives makes migrating them over the WAN into Office 365 a very slow process. What’s more, because of the way EWS works, the actual data that needs to be transferred more than doubles, so you can immediately see why reducing that WAN volume with HOTS and AIP would be of benefit.

We recently announced a new level of integration between ArchiveShuttle and our live mail migration product MailboxShuttle, so when you are having to manage a major Office 365 migration the whole process can be much simplified. Migrating your archive has always involved far more additional work than mailbox migration, but it’s now possible to manage everything in one go. It’s little wonder that ArchiveShuttle is widely recognized as the strongest product in its class.