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Application design and deployment on SharePoint Online

31 Mar 2016 by Doug Davis

It’s true, SharePoint Online has been a bit challenging when it comes to designing and deploying applications. There was a time, not too long ago, when it wasn’t too much of a stretch to call SharePoint a serious honest to goodness application platform. There were rich tools directly from Microsoft for developers, a robust industry of ISVs providing development tools including WebParts and add-ins, and this extended right up to fully fleshed applications that could be deployed in both wide and delegated versions. These offerings enable administrators to turn any SharePoint implementation into a powerful tower of data, workflows, forms and automation…as long as it is on premises.
Those days appear to be numbered as the denizens of a proud, beloved on premises application platform make the transition to SharePoint Online – its Office 365, cloud-based relative, that (in its current form) is not quite as application-friendly. According to the keynote speech at SPTechCon in Austin, at least 40% of all SharePoint installations are now for the online solution. While this is still not quite the majority, Seth Patton (Senior Director for SharePoint and OneDrive Product Marketing) expects that the majority of large enterprises will have adopted SharePoint Online within three years.
With more and more organisations selecting SharePoint Online rather than on premises, the solution needs to ensure that its admins are able to design and build what they need. This is particularly true for the individuals who are moving from SharePoint server, as they will migrate with a view to using the online solution in pretty much the same way that they’ve been accustomed to. If users struggle to achieve quality application design and deployment this could pose a real risk, as the collaboration software marketplace becomes an increasingly competitive space.
In our upcoming webinar we’ll review what to expect when you go to SharePoint Online, what tools are available, what gets left behind and how the new Microsoft is looking to remedy this situation through new tools like PowerApps, better API access and gradual improvements. Tune in on the 12th April 1:00pm EST to find out how you can get the most out of application design and deployment in SharePoint Online.
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