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Announcing the release of Archive Shuttle 8.4!

Feb 23, 2018 by Jason Jacobo

Archive Shuttle 8.4 is here, and this release brings much more than just the typical performance refinements, product enhancements, and a handful of resolved defects!  8.4 contains a boatload of product usability improvements, and continues to build on our popular Journal Explosion feature (released in 8.0), with a sprinkling of enhancements to our UI’s responsiveness.

This Archive Shuttle release has a major focus on continuing to improve the usability of the email archive migration solution. As there are far more enhancements than will comfortably fit in one blog, here’s a summary of the most exciting additions:

For our user interface, we implemented several enhancements designed to improve responsiveness in larger environments, and visibility of common issues encountered during a migration. Rapid detection can enable rapid response. Better responsiveness frequently equates to a quicker overall migration, happier operators of our solutions, and ultimately, our primary goal: very satisfied customers due to prompt migrations being performed with fewer hiccups.

To assist in the pursuit of seamless archive migrations, we have introduced a ‘Mapping Health Page’ that provides a summary of the health of all the current mappings of a system, and also calls out any problems seen with specific mappings. Stalled mappings are frequently missed until they have sat for a prolonged period. This page allows our customers to quickly see issues that prevent mappings from moving at the point of failure, rather than the point of discovery.

To minimize the impact on those running a migration, we also provide our customers with the useful information we collect as part of an archive migration. This build includes the introduction of mapping information being included under a user’s page in Archive Shuttle. It is in this page that we summarize all the information we collect related to a user. We also enhanced our ‘System Health Page’ to include alerts for rolling license usage for customers migrating ownerless archives to Exchange Online using our automated process. Together, these features support our belief that a person running a migration should have all the migration information they need located within a single system.

[vc_video link=”″]Journal Explosion is a feature of Archive Shuttle that permits customers to take a journal archive or PST file(s), identify recipients for every message within those archives, and deliver a copy of that message to each of those recipients. In the 8.4 build, we have expanded our scope of supported recipients to include distribution lists, their appropriate members, and X.400 addresses (which were widely used in Exchange systems pre-dating Exchange 2007). Additionally, we rounded out our implementation of Journal Explosion by enabling its activities to be performed and managed via Archive Shuttle’s PowerShell commands so you can script it and forget it (sorry Ron Popeil)!

We also have had the pleasure of performing some huge migrations lately. We have found opportunities to improve the overall performance of the product – thanks to the challenges introduced with migrating hundreds of Terabytes of data in a single environment (in a tight timeframe)! In 8.4, we are also introducing some of the performance enhancements identified from those migrations. These improvements were in two main areas: system processes (Item Collection, and Item Routing) and, as mentioned, UI responsiveness for several pages (Failed Items, Stage 1, and the performance report page).

At Quadrotech, not only do we examine the problem we’re trying to solve, we also scrutinize our own solutions to find any additional benefits, features, or existing pain points, so we can further improve its functionality for our customers. It is built into what we do, and how we do things. We are always interested in how we can further improve, so if you have any suggestions for Archive Shuttle, or our other solutions…please let us know.