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Announcing the release of Quadrotech PST Flight Deck 6.2!

Feb 14, 2018 by Mike Weaver

It’s that time again. We’re excited to announce another great release of our PST migration solution, PST Flight Deck!  Version 6.2 has some great enhancements.  As always, there are too many to cover in one post, however I will include three of the “greatest” hits here.

Split PST Migrations

In the 6.0 release we introduced profile-based migration options.  This allows us to give different users different migration experiences.  This enhancement allowed us to split PST files between the Primary Mailbox and the Archive Mailbox on import.

This feature is very helpful for laptop users that are used to having offline access to some of their PST content.  Depending on the user’s cache policy, the items in the Primary Mailbox can be cached back to the workstation, allowing for the offline access.

With version 6.2, this split can happen based on whether the PST file is connected/disconnected in Outlook or it can be done by date.  This gives even more options for users that need offline access!


From time to time, when processing PST files, there are items that cannot be ingested into Office 365.  Commonly, this is because the item exceeds the mailbox item size policy, or the message header has corruption in it.  These items are rejected by the Exchange Online service.  Before the 6.2 release, these items would sit on the Flight Deck server for administrative action.

The ‘Leftovers’ feature will take these failed items and put them into the users OneDrive location or their home directory as a MSG file!  This ensures the user gets all of their data and prevents an additional administrative step.

You can also use filters (based on message meta data) to have content filtered and placed into the leftover workflow.


During a PST Migration some users are using client-side rules to move content from their mailbox to their PST file.  When we migrate the PST files, often times the user will be presented with errors that their rules are broken.  Once the PST files are moved, many times these rules are no longer needed or no longer work.  In 6.2, we have an option to disable Outlook Rules during migration.  These rules still remain, but in a disabled state.  If a user wants to, they can reinstate the rule to the imported folders, but they will not get any error messages like they did before.  This is another opportunity to reduce help desk call volume.

With GDPR regulations becoming a reality in May, many organizations are attempting to remediate their PST security threat.  If you’re concerned about how existing PST files could compromise GDPR compliance, or contact us today to see how PST Flight Deck can help you migrate and import your PST files to Office 365 in a secure, flexible manner, whilst ensuring user satisfaction throughout the process!