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Announcing PST Flight Deck Version 6.0

Jul 13, 2017 by Mike Weaver

Are you ready for PST Flight Deck 6.0?!  I am really excited for this build. As always, the passion of our development team at Quadrotech shines through in this build, not to mention our shiny new logo. Over the last several months, the team has put an incredible effort into this latest iteration of one of our most requested products. With over 85 enhancements in this build, there are far too many to list in this post; however, I have narrowed it down to three major enhancements that I think you will agree are quite exciting.

Although it may not seem major on the outside, the biggest change from an architecture standpoint is profile-based processing. For Flight Deck fans, we have added a wide degree of flexibility to the modules over the years. So much in fact, that organizations have wanted a way to process some users differently than others. For example, you might want some users to get a filter based on age, but want your legal hold users exempt from this filter. In previous versions, each processing server had the same settings. New to this release, these settings have been moved into user profiles allowing for EXTREME flexibility. This change has also allowed us to introduce a new feature that allows you to have PSTs that are connected in a users’ Outlook profile move to the primary mailbox, and disconnected PSTs move to the secondary/archive mailbox!  This is extremely helpful for organizations that want users to have offline access in their Outlook cache, like they did in their PSTs, but only for the data they are currently using.

Another exciting change to our line-up is our new offering of a Lite agent. Software deployment continues to be one of the major technical challenges facing organizations of all sizes. By now, I’m sure you’ve seen multiple posts by us on why you need an agent. Having a full agent remains our top recommendation for the majority of users. We do realize that with unmanaged workstations, and other situations, you may want to deploy the agent using a login script or having the user simply execute it. The addition of this new feature means that our customers have four agent options, including: the Full Agent, the MAC agent, the Application Streaming Wrapper, and now, the Lite Agent. MAC to Citrix, Full Windows build to unmanaged workstations … Quadrotech has you covered!

One other key upgrade is our enhancement to Site Bandwidth Control. With VOIP lines, Skype lines, and all sorts of other crucial traffic running on network circuits, organizations and network teams everywhere are increasingly challenged with ensuring that users don’t overconsume bandwidth. Previous versions of PST Flight Deck allowed you to set an upload limit inside the user profile. This allowed for a day-time and a night-time setting; however, if the user got assigned to the wrong site, or roamed site-to-site, this did not adjust. Now in Flight Deck 6.0, we take care of this for you using IP Address ranges. Your network team provides a list of IP address ranges and the limits that you want in those ranges. The user will automatically adjust as they connect. Laptop users can now roam and their limits will adjust automatically. This feature not only gives more flexibility, it takes the guesswork out of assigning bandwidth restrictions.

It has been hard to get the list of 85 enhancements down to just three for this post. Contact us today if you want to learn more about the release and how you can help us eradicate PST files from this earth!