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Announcement: EU Data Hosting now available for Cogmotive Reports Customers

25 Nov 2015 by Catherine McArthur

On 6th October the European Union Court of Justice declared the Commission’s US Safe Harbour Decision invalid. This proved fairly problematic for a great number of service providers outside the EU, and indeed for European firms using US third party service providers in the delivery of data services because the Safe Harbour Framework provided a convenient means of demonstrating compliance with EU requirements.
We at Cogmotive have decided that the best way we can demonstrate our commitment to protecting our customer’s privacy and data security in line with EU data protection principles is by providing customers the option to nominate that their reporting data be hosted in EU domiciled data centres.
We understand the responsibilities our customers with a presence in the EU have towards their users and ensuring that they are meeting their obligations to safeguard user privacy. Our customers trust us to protect their confidential information and we want to do everything in our power to honour that trust, which is why we are delighted to be able to offer EU data hosting.
From today Cogmotive customers have two options for their data hosting: customers can nominate to have their reporting data stored in EU domiciled data centres or they can continue to have their data stored in our US data centres, but either way their data is protected in line with EU data privacy requirements.
Privacy and data security are major priorities at Cogmotive because data is our business, and ensuring that our customers have the features and capability they need in our applications has been a driving force in the growth of our business and products.
In many ways the Court of Justice decision has triggered a necessary rethink of the arrangements in place and whether they are effective in protecting people’s privacy. We at Cogmotive look forward to seeing how this framework develops in the future, but in the meantime it is more important than ever that our customers can be confident that their privacy and data security are being safeguarded by service providers.
If you would like to learn more about EU data hosting and whether it is available for your subscription please contact to find out more.
What was the Court of Justice Decision and what does it mean?
The EU Court of Justice decision was that the Safe Harbour framework does not offer a valid means of complying with EU data protection obligations. The decision does not mean that firms that have relied on the Safe Harbour Framework – or their customers – are in any danger, but only that this framework is no longer a valid means of demonstrating compliance with EU requirements for the handling of EU customer personal data. Service providers outside the EU who have previously relied on the Safe Harbour Framework can adopt an alternative method to comply with the EU Directive, such as implementing Model Clause agreements.
EU data hosting is available now for certain Cogmotive Reports subscriptions.  You can sign up for a free 14 day trial of Cogmotive Office 365 Reports and SharePoint Online Reports here: