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An end to a bull-rilliant year at Quadrotech!

Dec 21, 2018 by Thomas Madsen

Traditionally at Quadrotech, we like to post a roundup blog to summarize what we’ve achieved, learned and our highlights. A bit like the Queen’s speech, which is a tradition on Christmas in the UK where the Queen talks about what’s happened that year, but it has a bit more tech talk!

This year it feels as if we’ve made some huge steps for our company and customers. Let’s start from the top and talk about our highlights.

Quadrotech’s Big Five Highlights in 2018

  1. Our new sophisticated SaaS-based Office 365 management and administration tool has been a big hit this year for our customers who have a need for better Office 365 management, especially across multiple tenants. Within its first six months, we deployed the tool in a customer with 128,000+ users and an extensive number of tenants. Our deployment enabled the client to achieve their goals of reducing risk and enhancing employee satisfaction through delegated functions. Since then, we’ve had a lot of happy customers, and hope to see more and more in the New Year.
  2. We’ve kept up the pace with Microsoft’s rapid development and newer releases into Office 365, such as Teams, with our market-leading Office 365 reporting and analytics solution. To ensure we are continuously providing seamlessly detailed and relevant reports, we have introduced a number of new reports and features. More recent highlights include reporting for Microsoft Teams, accepted domains in Office 365 and our hotly anticipated executive reports. We’ve also made the sign up process much more streamlined in our ongoing efforts to improve user experience.
  3. So, we’ve had not one, not two, but three releases of our email archive migration product Archive Shuttle this year. We’ve enhanced key features in the tool, improvements include: expanding the PowerShell Library, optimizing SQL, bulk mapping and handling terminated employees post-migration.
  4. To top it all off, we’ve achieved the impossible this year according to Microsoft. Cloud Commander, our incredibly fast Office 365 tenant to tenant migration tool, was able to achieve and sustain migration speeds of up to 100GB an hour. Its super-fast capabilities eliminate challenging tasks in Office 365 such as merging, cross-collaborating between, or managing users in two tenants, which has been known to create interferences with cross-collaboration, and features involved in doing so, such as shared mailboxes and calendars.
  5. Our managed operations team have worked extremely hard this year and completed our first ever 1PB migration project. That’s quite something!

Our other highlights

We’ve achieved a lot this year, so selecting the top 5 highlights above was tough, and of course, there are plenty of other achievements that didn’t quite make that list.  Here are a couple of them:

The Microsoft events Ignite and Inspire were both really successful events for us. We had many one-to-one conversations with prospective customers and partners, learned from the extensive range of speaker sessions and had the opportunity to speak ourselves.

We’ve seen a huge influx of traffic to our YouTube channels, so it’s great to see our video content is getting received by our audience. Our most popular videos have included:

Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migrations with Cloud Commander



You can never have too many bulls.

We have come to learn that our signature bulls, derived from our “no BS” approach, are immensely popular.

In the office, we find our bulls quite literally grow small wings and fly out of their boxes on to our fellow employee’s desks. It is now company etiquette, to always have a bull within eyesight.

Whilst on the topic of traveling, our bulls have seen it all. This year they’ve ventured thousand-strong herds to the most exclusive tech destinations, including: Inspire in Vegas, Ignite in Orlando and they’ve started doing their rounds on Ignite the Tour too. A lot of the time we find ourselves tackling huge queues of people snaking off our stand. Do they want to talk to us about what we do? Usually. Do they want one of our stress ball style Quadro-bulls? Always.

Thank you

We would just like to thank our followers, customers, partners and everyone in the Quadrofam for their support this year. We’ve achieved a lot this year and it’s all because of everyone’s contribution.

Have a Happy Holidays and we look forward to the New Year!