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QUADROtech Announces The Advanced Ingestion Protocol

3 Dec 2014 by olpa


Quadrotech announces the Advanced Ingestion Protocol to offer customers revolutionary Office365 ingestion speeds.

In cooperation with Delegate, a premium European Microsoft and Quadrotech partner based in Denmark, and a customer with three different EV sites in three different continents, we tested our Advanced Ingestion Protocol into Office 365 and compared it to the traditional Exchange Web Service Approach (EWS).

Today we received the first “real-life” results:

The data was migrated during the POC three different times using two different approaches. In the first approach, pure EWS (Exchange Web Services) was used, resulting in a peak performance of 11 items/second in EMEA, 11 items/second in USA and 9 items/second in APAC. The average performance was around 24 items/second.

In the second attempt, a fully functional AIP Office365 Module in ArchiveShuttle was used to assess the real-world performance increase when ingesting the items into Office365.

The performance increase was significant, resulting in a peak performance of 55 items/s in EMEA, 48 items/s in USA and 44 items/s in APAC, with each region using just 8 ingestion threads. The average performance showed a performance of around 125 items/second across all three regions.

Based on the performance numbers above, the customers migration duration has dropped significantly. The effect is shown in the estimates below:

Archived Items Count in EV: 520,817,280

Approach 1: (traditional EWS)
520,817,280 / 24 (items/s) / 60 (sec) / 60 (min) / 20 (h/day) = 336 days (net) migration time

Approach 2: (Advanced Ingestion Protocol)
520,817,280 / 125 (items/s) / 60 (sec) / 60 (min) / 20 (h/day) = 58 days (net) days migration time

The Quadrotech Research Team are always working on improving project efficiency and migration speeds to help customers complete migrations as fast as possible.

The Advanced Ingestion Protocol will be released with ArchiveShuttle 6.6. As our research team optimizes our technology further, you can expect more exciting Office365 innovation announcements very soon!

Learn more about ArchiveShuttle here