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New Advanced Date Filtering options in Cogmotive Reports

18 Jan 2014 by emma.robinson

Our customers are always giving us great feedback and suggestions on how to make our product more powerful. In the past week three of our customers requested the same feature – the ability to filter reports by variable dates.
This allows you to scheduled very flexible and powerful customised reports around variable dates. These filters work both on our Custom Report and on our standard canned reports.
For example, one company may want to see a list of all the user accounts created in the past 7 days and want this report sent out every Friday morning to the HR team.
Multiple filters can be used, so this company could schedule an additional report that shows newly created users that haven’t logged in yet. This could be sent to the helpdesk team to pro-actively call the users to see if they have had trouble with their accounts.


You can currently use these advanced variable date filters on the following fields.

  • Last Logon Date
  • Creation Date
  • In-Place Hold Date
  • First ActiveSync
  • Last Successful ActiveSync
  • Last ActiveSync Policy Update

You can return results with a specific date or that have dates greater or less than the date specified.
Here are some examples
Specific Date
If you want to show all results with a specific date, you should use the Contains operator and specify the date in the YYYY-MM-DD format.

On a specific date

On a specific date

Variable Dates
You can also use English time concepts within the filter. Entering values such as Today, Yesterday and “First Day of Last Month” as well as mathematical operations such as “today -30 days”.
Filter on Yesterday

Filter on Yesterday

Before or After a Date
You can use the Less Than or Greater Than operators to return results from Before or After a certain date.
Before a Date

Before a Date

Rolling Monthly Reports
A common requirement is to schedule rolling monthly reports. This is now relatively easy by combining two date filters which will return results between two variable dates. The example below will return all users who Last Logged On in the previous month.
Filter on Last Month

Filter on Last Month

Combining Multiple Filters
These date filters can of course be combined with the traditional filters we already had in place to return fine grained reports showing exactly the date you require.
Multiple Filters

Multiple Filters

We’d love to hear some feedback on these new filters in the comments below!