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Administering Microsoft Office 365 exam (70-323)

21 Jun 2012 by Emma Robinson

This morning I passed the Administering the Microsoft Office 365 Exam (70-323), making me a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Administering Office 365.
Let me tell you that the exam was hard… really hard. Especially the questions on Sharepoint (Something I’m not really all that familiar with).
As these exams are quite new there are not a lot of resources on the Internet, courses or books available yet so I thought I’d post links to the resources I used to get me through. Firstly, I wouldn’t have even attempted the exam if I didn’t use Office 365 on a daily basis. Secondly, these sets of videos help me brush on the bits that I wasn’t too confident on – such as Sharepoint.
Unfortunately I signed an NDA before the exam that forbids me from discussing the content in detail, however all the information is covered in these videos. There are 6 videos, an hour long each, put together by the guys over at MetroMSP. They are a bit slow and dry, but they reminded me about a lot of things that I’d forgotten and introduced me to some changes that I wasn’t aware of.
(01): Office 365 Overview
(02): Basic User Management
(03): DirSync, SSO and ADFS
(04): Exchange Online
(05): SharePoint Online
(06): Lync Online
They also have links to videos (12 of them) for the Deploying Microsoft Office 365 exam (70-321). I’m hoping to tackle this exam over the next few weeks.
Here is a link to the videos for 70-321:
(01): Infrastructure Planning
(02): Deploying SSO | Part 1
(03): Deploying SSO | Part 2
(04): Planning & Deploying DirSync
(05): Planning Lync Online
(06): Planning Exchange Online—UM
(07): Exchange Online Mail and Routing
(08): Exchange Online — Hybrid Scenarios | Part 1
(09): Exchange Online — Hybrid Scenarios | Part 2
(10): Planning Exchange Online Archiving
(11): Planning SharePoint Online
(12): Using & Deploying SharePoint Online
The folks at MetroMSP did a great job with these videos. I tip my hat to them!
Good luck!