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Additional Filtering in Licence by User reports

12 Nov 2013 by Emma Robinson

Our Office 365 Licence by User reports have been revamped with additional filtering capabilities.
These new filters allow you more granular control over which Office 365 users are returned in the reports.

Filter Office 365 Users with Subscription Assigned

The new buttons at the top of the Licence by User report screen allow you to show users only with a particular subscription applied.

Subscription Filter

Subscription Filter

Clicking one of these Subscription types will update the graph and table to show only users inside that Office 365 subscription.
The graph shows a breakdown of each of the Products within that Subscription and the number of users with that product in a Success state (meaning ticked as enabled in the Office 365 console).
The table shows all users with that subscription and the state of each of the products for each user.

Filter Office 365 Users with a Product in a particular state

Each Office 365 subscription can contain multiple products. For example, an Office 365 E3 licence gives the user access to multiple products including Exchange Online, Lync Online, Yammer etc.
You can enable or disable these products for individual users in the Office 365 Administrator Console or using PowerShell.

Office 365 User Licence Assignment

Office 365 User Licence Assignment

The products enabled or disabled for a certain user will then be reflected in our Licence by User reports. Each product can have one of the following states:
Success: – The user is successfully licensed for and able to use this product.
Disabled: – The user is not licensed for or able to use this product.
PendingInput: – The user is licensed for the product but it requires an Administrator to finish configuring it.
Error: – The user is not licensed for this product due to an error.
None: – This product is licensed at the Tenant level rather than the User level.
Our Product Filters at the bottom of the data table can be used to return a subset of users based on the state of a particular product.
Product Filter

Product Filter

Product Filter Results

Product Filter Results

This is particularly useful for finding users who are not licensed for a particular product or have experienced errors in the licence assignment process.
These filters can be saved using the Save Report feature and the reports Scheduled to be emailed out on a regular basis in either PDF or CSV format.