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Achieving a ‘Modern Workplace’ with Quadrotech

5 Jul 2018 by Steph Eddy

In Satya Nadella’s first quarter at Microsoft, he was famously quoted saying via email “Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”  The Modern Workplace is centered on top of productivity and collaboration tools that support modern work styles, enable digital transformation, and protect Microsoft assets.

With cloud technology at the core of a company’s infrastructure in today’s modern, sophisticated & IT savvy culture, end users are no longer tethered to their desk to ensure productivity.  Companies are discovering that the “work from anywhere” model can be just as productive as spending 40 hours a week in an office setting. There are some challenges with this model, however, and organizations will likely need to adjust their IT systems and policies to facilitate the modern workplace. Two that come to mind are data centralization and protection. We will explore these considerations and evaluate what it takes to achieve them.

Data Centralization

Data centralization should be top of any organization’s agenda, but particularly those that are aiming to be future-forward. If you’re using Microsoft Office 365, that’s a good start. However, many organizations have data lingering across devices and systems that are not in Office 365, thus increasing risk, and potentially decreasing productivity despite best efforts to improve productivity with cloud services. There are a lot of legacy IT systems and services which essentially keep data ‘siloed’ in non-central locations, making it less visible, and much harder to govern. Email does not exist in isolation, it is deeply interconnected. Does your company have PSTs, an email archive system, or public folders? To enable a truly productive and secure environment, organizations need to look at more than just the user mailbox.

Quadrotech’s suite of migration products enables enterprises to move all their entire email ecosystem (email, archives, PSTs, public folders) to Office 365, bringing all email data into one centralized repository for simple management, and a better end user experience.

Data Protection

In a ‘post May 25th’ world, data protection should be the number one concern for any organization aiming to sufficiently protect any personal or sensitive data held in their environment, and comply with data protection regulations, including the most recent, GDPR.

GDPR is an extremely expansive topic, which we’ve explored in previous posts, but the main element we wanted to highlight here is the need to review, understand and protect the data held within your environment to a standard that is compliant. To do this, you need to create a strong security strategy that is both proactive and reactive:

  • Example of a proactive outcome: ensuring that all sensitive areas are carefully protected, access is audited, with on-event alerting configured to notify you of any activity.
  • Example of a reactive outcome: the ability to detect a data incident within 72hrs and report it within the ICO’s timeframe.

Our Office 365 reporting and security applications: Radar Reporting, and Radar Security & Audit are SaaS-based tools that provide detailed, filterable reporting and activity insights across Office 365. IT admins, and security and compliance teams can use this information to review their entire environment with granular detail, adequately protect their data, and audit their environment using detailed, filterable activity logs.

The Radar suite can bolster both preventative and proactive security measures to protect your data. They complement Enterprise Mobility Suite services in the following ways:

  • Azure AD premium: Use Radar Security & Audit to track authentication activity for accounts with 2-factor authentication.
  • InTune Mobile Device Management: Use Radar Reporting to determine which mobile devices are inactive, which devices have MDM policies applied (and those that don’t), as well as listing device types, and OS versions. Then, see which Office 365 services and items have been accessed by specific mobile devices and accounts using Radar Security & Audit.
  • Advanced Threat Analytics: Use Radar Security & Audit capabilities in conjunction with this service to create a powerful, in-depth approach to Information Rights Management. If you are a Quadrotech Reporting program partner, you can leverage the Radar Reporting Partner API to create reports of assets accessed by accounts flagged in ATA as suspicious or compromised.
  • Azure Rights Management: Use Radar Security & Audit to track access to sensitive SharePoint/OneDrive documents that have been protected by ARM.

Optimize and report on your Modern Workplace

Now that you’ve migrated to your cloud environment, and implemented an effective framework for Office 365 reporting, analytics, and security, what’s the final step towards a truly modern workplace?


Office 365 management has various challenges. In order to do even the most basic administrative tasks Administration, even at the lowest level you often need Admin rights, which have associated privileges beyond what is necessary to complete the action. This means that there is limited option to delegate any administration to users who are perfectly capable of the responsibility.

In a large or complex organization, basic IT responsibilities could and should be split between individuals in the different regions, departments. For example, an organization has a growing Development team based in Germany, but the IT and HR Team is located in the US (West Coast). Every time the Development Manager needs to set up a new user he has to coordinate with IT and ask them to set it up. It would take him a matter of minutes to do it himself. With Quadrotech’s latest management tool, Autopilot, the IT team could delegate specific administration capabilities to the Development Manager, within the scope of his own team. This would save time for both the IT and Development team, reducing helpdesk tickets for basic, or routine tasks.

Autopilot streamlines Office 365 administration and simplifies multi-tenant management, empowering IT Admins to delegate securely and flexibly, so they can focus their time innovating, tackling larger projects or solving business challenges. Admins want to empower higher-level employees to complete simple administrative tasks on their own, Autopilot enables this within Office 365 through the use of ‘Virtual Organizational Units’ and flexible policy creation.

Again, I must quote Satya Nadella in his infinite wisdom: “Productivity is the engine of human progress—it is what propels our society forward. The promise of technology is to help us get more done, with less effort.”

Our entire product suite, including the newest addition Autopilot serve to minimize business disruptions, streamline processes, and enable productivity.

Post-Modern Workplace – More than new technology

Quadrotech solutions can greatly impact a customer’s Digital Transformation. While our migration suite compliments Microsoft FastTrack, we recognize that the real digital transformation in the modern workplace often happens well after the migration and deployment of Office 365.

True digital transformation comes with the reallocation of duties and responsibilities, it lies in the ability of the end user to embrace the change, accept their ‘new’ reality and be patient as the organization restructures their priorities, all the while implementing new tools and resources. The 6-12 months after a migration is when the real work happens. Quadrotech’s continued efforts to ease the transition that comes with a modern workplace will continue to be our driving force.

Our approach to the Office 365 Lifecycle is what sets us apart – we’re able to address multiple parts of the lifecycle to empower organizations and end users to get the best possible ROI, and positive experience from Office 365. All of our solutions can be used by end customers and partners alike to achieve smarter migration, reporting, security, and management, which ultimately results in the sought-after ‘Modern Workplace’.

Quadrotech will be at Microsoft Inspire (booth 723) and Microsoft Ready conference in Las Vegas. Come and say ‘Hi’ if you’re there! You can also book a meeting with our Partner Alliance team here