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The 3 Key Benefits of Cloud-Hosted Email Migration Projects

6 Feb 2015 by Orlaith Palmer

In the winter of 2014, QUADROtech enhanced their cloud infrastructure in response to customer demand for cloud-hosted migration projects that can avoid the need for the expensive provisioning/dedication of excessive on-premise servers. Combined with a flexible architecture and technological innovations such as AIP, we aim to provide a fast and secure cloud-hosted email migration alternative to traditional, on-premise approaches.

So, what are the three key benefits?


Our cloud is already configured to avoid the need for time-consuming initial configuration and server deployment. This means completing a pilot migration with your data can be completed in a matter of days. In fact, we can successfully migrate your first item in just a few hours. This means you can be taking advantage of platforms such as Office365 much faster, saving you money in the administration of older, more expensive platforms.


An archive migration can be an expensive project made all the more so by the amount of time it takes to complete. Provisioning the required hardware alone can be highly resource-intensive. Our cloud servers run on 100% renewable energy and significantly reduce the cost of your hardware deployment by handling all the processing in our cloud. Also, with modules such as AIP providing a faster ingestion rate than traditional approaches such as EWS, the project can be completed much faster.


As part of QUADROtech’s focus on security, no email content ever transfers through our core server. The QUADROtech cloud data center operates the core module and is used to control the process. Email meta-data is exchanged between local and cloud servers and this meta-data are encrypted both locally and in transit. We also preserve a full Chain of Custody so you can prove your archives have had a safe journey from the source to the new target.

“We have been using to manage the migration of Enterprise Vault to Exchange 2013,” said Tim Huckaby, Group IT Server Administration Team Leader at Firth Rixson. “What initially attracted us was how simple it was to get started. We didn’t need to provision any hardware or virtual machines onsite so we were up and running very quickly. I have to say we have been impressed with how smoothly the migration is going and how the intuitive admin console makes archive migration easy.”

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