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3 Benefits of QUADROtech’s Cloud Expansion

6 Nov 2014 by olpa

We’ve now begun installation of Phase II of the hardware extension for our cloud!

If you missed our last post, let’s help get you up to speed on the details of the extension:

Additional virtualization hosts each with 512GB of RAM and 24 cores based on Intel Xeon technology to provide greater:


Performance – Scope and speed. We started out offering cloud-controlled migrations that were typically limited to 2TB in size. We’ve since expanded to 5TB but thanks to the hardware extension, our potential migration volume will be practically unlimited.

At present we are running over 30 parallel migrations on our cloud platform. This expansion means we will have the capacity to take on more migration projects in parallel, as well as larger ones. Our expansion plans for the cloud service will allow for practically unlimited simultaneous migration projects.

Our expansion will also have a positive effect on the time to first item (TTFI) migration. Without the usual requirements of consulting hours, workshops, hardware deployments or Virtual Machines, the beginning of the project to the actual migration of the first item can occur in less than 2 hours.

Speed of POC delivery. We’ve found that many businesses researching a migration project with multiple vendors can become frustrated with the length of time they have to wait to complete a pilot, especially if they do not have the infrastructure to meet the hardware pre-requisites.

At Quadrotech we take great pride in the speed of pilot completion. Our cloud service is able to deliver a proof-of-concept practically at the touch of a button with the migration infrastructure and prerequisites already set to go in the cloud.

Security. Because we uncouple migration workflow and control from migration content, no content ever leaves the company’s security boundaries, nor is it stored anywhere within our cloud. Take for example an Enterprise Vault to Exchange migration. When using – the actual mails never leave the company; we only need the metadata to perform a full migration.


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