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2020 Vision for Email Archive Migration

Jan 3, 2020 by Jason Jacobo

Quadrotech email archive migration

As a new year dawns, it is natural to do some reflection. As a Product Owner, I like to look at my products in their own dedicated silo in such a process. This helps me to stay honest with myself, customers, and stakeholders and ensure we are still sailing in the desired direction regardless of the seasonal winds throughout the year. 

When considering the future of Archive Shuttle, three main areas immediately stand out when reviewing 2019. The largest effort and development of the year was spent honing the blade of the product, followed closely by enhancing our options for enterprise journal archive migrations, while still investing in implementing new features to ensure we continue to be the premier email archive migration service provider. 

We also refined our holistic approach to addressing the many challenges associated with archive migrations, and published our Data Migration Risk Assessment for those embarking on such projects. 

The future of email archive migration

Upon review, it was no surprise that most of the work we performed in 2019 went back into the product (~37 Product Backlog Items)With migration scope and complexity on the rise, we know you must grow and adapt, or start your decay. We prefer the former and are fortunate to have the strong foundation that is Archive Shuttle to grow on top of.  

To stay relevant, it is first required to support the natural growth necessary to operate in the space Archive Shuttle does. Ensuring support for the latest and greatest in sources, targets, dependencies, and features requires persistent and constant work (and in this case ~14 PBIs). 

Last year saw continued development leveraging and refining our current multi-database design to scale to the largest of customers, but we also understand that improving operational efficiency (~9 PBIs) can have a measurable impact on the overall project. The best is when there is a union of both, like the re-implementation of both how we reprocess failures, and the web interface leveraging those processes. What was frequently a source of timely frustration when reprocessing millions of failures is now so fast it is unremarkable as an event in our operator’s day. 

Journal transformation 

The next greatest number of PBIs completed in 2019 are surrounding the cultivation of the options we can offer customers when faced with the challenging issues surrounding the migration of legacy journal archived data in an environment bound for Exchange Online (~33 PBIs).

Although we had begun our fist Journal transformation projects years prior, 2019 showed increased popularity for the option. Through the diversity and scale of these customers, we quickly recognized the scope of the challenges our clients are seeking to address, and the solution required to address those challenges also require scaling. A valuable lesson learned, the explosion of Journals is just the start of one of many pathways towards solving the modern challenges of migrating legacy Journal email archives.

We’ll be exploring this area further with new product developments in the pipeline this year.

Looking ahead

Although notable, new features had the smallest level of effort dedicated to it (~17 PBIs). This is expected of a mature product like Archive Shuttle. Several of these were initially proposed by those using the solution every day and most were developed to address hidden and impactful challenges frequently seen during an archive migration. Additionally, the inclusion of Metalogix as a source in Archive Shuttle contributed to a significant amount (~8 PBIs) to the total level of effort we dedicated to new features in the past year.

2019 brought Archive Shuttle a lot. Sustained popularity, in-depth insight into some real challenges our customers face with Journal archive migrations, and visibility into how we can be more scalable, more efficient, and do much, much more with less of everything. These findings set the stage for what 2020 will bring as we launch into the new year and, buoyed by our fantastic reviews over the past 12 months, we can’t wait to get started on another groundbreaking year.

We’ll be exploring this area further with new product developments in the pipeline this year.