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Sustained 1 TB/hour Office 365 tenant to tenant migrations

Mar 25, 2020 by Mike Weaver

Office 365 tenant to tenant migration speed of 1TB per hour

Migrating Large Enterprise Tenants in a Weekend is Now Achievable

After consistently hitting record migration speeds, we think it’s time to announce the world of Office 365 tenant to tenant migration has changed in a big way.

Just last month we celebrated sustained speeds of 500 GB per hour for 15k mailboxes, but last week we hit sustained speeds of over 1 TB per hour in an Exchange tenant to tenant migration.

Changing the game for tenant to tenant migrations

This was not a spike in performance – it was sustained!  Based on these new levels of performance, you can now successfully relocate entire ENTERPRISE tenants with thousands of users in a weekend.

Previous best practice was to recommend breaking work teams up based on how they worked together in groups of 500-1000 users. However, with these migration speeds, the need to wave users into migration batches may no longer be necessary for many customers.

This makes tight deadlines much more attainable, but also avoids the potential for disruption to users.

Why does speed matter?  

Attaining high migration speeds has always provided better outcomes for our customers by completing the project faster and minimizing user disruption. However, for large organizations running large projects used to migration solutions offering less than 20 GB an hour, this is revolutionary.

The chart below really shows you how speed changes the project scope for organizations. Previously, good performance was characterized by speeds in the low 10s of GB an hour:

GB/Hour  Hours  Days 
20 1000.0 50.0
70 285.7 14.3
150 133.3 6.7
300 66.7 3.3
500 40.0 2.0
750 26.7 1.3
1TB 19.5

We define a migration day as 20 hours to allow for overhead. Using our latest performance record as a guide we can deliver Office 365 tenant to tenant migrations that sync an entire tenant in 19.5 hours.

For the example above, this means we can cut over 49 days off a project compared to traditional levels of performance. What can your team do with 49 days back in their schedule?

Contact us today to speak with a migration specialist and keep your organization moving with Quadrotech.

Mike Weaver

Mike Weaver is the Product Owner of Cloud Commander, PST Flight Deck and Mailbox Shuttle. Bringing a wealth of experience in large Enterprise Environments, Mike assists with complex, multi-product implementations of all Quadrotech solutions. Prior to joining Quadrotech, Mike led Merger, Acquisition, and Divesture Messaging Projects. He also administered, and engineered solutions for Microsoft Exchange, Veritas Enterprise Vault, PST Flight Deck, Archive Shuttle, as well as many other solutions and products in the Windows Infrastructure space. Mike holds a Master of Business Administration from Quinnipiac University, and a Bachelor of Science from Central Connecticut State University.