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At Quadrotech, we are passionate about our people. Whether you’re technically-minded and interested in joining our Software or Support teams, or perhaps your skills are more suited to the commercial side of our business. Whatever the position, you’ll be joining the market-leader for Microsoft 365 Migration and Management Solutions.  Below are some of the key positions that we recruit for. To find out more about a typical day in the life of these positions please explore below.

Interview with Vicki Edwards, React Developer on the Product Development Team.

What does a day in the life of working as a React Developer look like?

I start my day by checking Microsoft Teams and my emails to pick up any information that might have come in since yesterday. In the morning all the developers (from across two countries) partake in a daily standup, where we discuss what we did yesterday, what we are going to do today and any issues we might be facing.

The rest of the day is free for development. Some days we have meetings to discuss the progress of the sprint or to showcase some features we have added to the product team, but some days are meeting-free so we can get into the flow of coding new features or bug fixing.

What have been the top three things you have learned in your role?

“The main thing I have learned is what it means to work on an enterprise product, which is being put together from teams all over the world.

I attended a Javascript conference in Bristol last year to learn about the latest features and usage in the language.

Through everyday work, I’ve learned how to solve problems that arise, and how to implement new features requested by our customers.”

What do you enjoy about working for Quadrotech?

“I think the tech stack we use is exciting and interesting to work with. I love working with my team, and I feel very supported in my role.”

What one piece of advice would you give for a job applicant who wishes to apply for the position of React Developer?

“Go to as many coding meetups as you can to network and exchange new ideas and meet other developers. Keep yourself up to date on what is new in React and Redux, and what other languages complement them well, and what other front-end languages are trending at the moment and why.”

Interview with Tomas Franek, Support and Operations Engineer on the Customer Experience Team. 

What does a day in the life of working as a Support and Operations Engineer look like?

“Our day starts with a daily remote meeting where we discuss the cases or issues we’re currently working on with our customers. After the meeting, our job role is separated into two parts. The first is handling issues and requests from our customers and providing support for them via email or remote sessions. The second part of our role is managing operations. Every support and operations engineer has their own customers and manages their projects daily. We check the overall status of the customer’s migration project and handle their requests. If necessary, a remote session can be very handy and quick to solve the issue.”

What are the top three things you have learned in your role?

  1. “I’ve learned to be more patient knowing that sometimes it takes more time to handle some tasks.
  2. The importance of educating others. One part of my role is to educate other colleagues and customers about our products and their functionality.  To provide them a valuable source of information so they can use it for their own good.
  3. Productivity – This role requires one to be productive and have good time management habits because you are not forced by anybody to work on your tasks according to a specific schedule. It’s totally up to me how to handle all tasks and prioritize them.”

What do you enjoy most about working for Quadrotech?

“The QT family is absolutely amazing, and when you are surrounded by people that can push you forward in your path, it’s even more motivating.”

What one piece of advice would you give for a job applicant who wishes to apply for the position of Support and Operations Engineer?

“You must be willing to communicate with the customers and be willing to help them.”

Selection process

At Quadrotech we believe in hiring smart and well while being pragmatic towards the candidate market. Typically, we have a three to four-stage process which involves a short HR screen, an interview with the hiring lead, and an interview with members of the wider team. For senior roles, we would also include an interview with a member of the senior management team. We also ask our candidates to complete a behavioral assessment which is administered by Thomas International.


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