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15 Aug 2019 by Natalie Frith

What is the Microsoft ‘Icebreaker’ Bot, and how can it improve inclusion in the workplace?

Why are ‘icebreakers’ important in the modern working environment? As organizations continue to evolve in a virtual climate, where many employees work remotely and across different time zones – the need for efficient communication grows. But it’s not just communication that is needed, there is also the underlying issue of co-worker camaraderie and collaboration to […]

18 Jul 2019 by Chris Montalbano

My first month at Quadrotech

Hi, I’m Chris Montalbano, and I was hired as the Director of Sales for the US Northeast & Eastern Canada region one month ago. My experience here is still somewhat new, which is part of the reason for this blog, to express myself while I am still a new hire. Through the hiring process, onboarding, and into my first month, my journey has proved to be what I expected. Everyone has been helpful, genuine, and my immediate team has taken a keen […]

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