Migrate enterprise users to Exchange 2013 and Office 365

When adopting Microsoft Exchange 2013 or Exchange Online/Office 365, organizations face the challenge of how to migrate existing users in a transparent, auditable and cost-effective manner. Many enterprises today are actually choosing to move straight to Exchange Online, and others are adopting hybrid Office 365/on premise Exchange Server configurations.

No matter what configuration of Exchange Server you are aiming for, QUADROtech can help get you up and running faster. Our unique single ‘QUADStack’ suite of proven tools for migrating live, public foldersarchive and PST/offline files address all these scenarios, and our turnkey Managed Migration Service is ideal if you have limited resources. One vendor, one suite of tools, and one agreement simplify the contract and procurement process.

Proprietary technologies like Advanced Extraction Technology (AET), Advanced Ingestion Protocol (AIP) and Highly Optimized Transport System (HOTS) dramatically improve the speed and reliability of data migration – vital when you are taking bandwidth and cloud throttling into consideration.

Key tools

The QUADROtech framework provides an easy to use, simplified suite that is designed for scalability and minimum disruption. Exchange projects require minimum administrator intervention, and where attention is required the user interface is consistently easy to use. Where email compliance is a factor the process provides a full audit trail.

Migrating live mail is not the only consideration when deploying a new Exchange environment. These projects provide an opportunity to rationalize and consolidate rogue offline PST files as well as making sure your archives are compatible with the new environment. QUADROtech is the only migration vendor with a common set of tools that addresses all these requirements.

  • ArchiveShuttle uses AIP to dramatically speed up ingestion into Office 365 and Exchange environments and, critically, maintains the integrity of the source data.
  • MailboxShuttle provides fast, safe, and disruption-free migration of live users.
  • PST FlightDeck provides the industry’s highest success rate for organizations struggling with discovery and migration of PST files on local clients.

QUADROtech and Microsoft

QUADROtech is a Microsoft Managed Partner with direct access to Microsoft developers through our Gold Application Development/Messaging, and Silver Data Platform competencies. We were named one of the 100 most promising Microsoft Solution Providers by CIO Review in 2015.

Our expertise is recognized by Microsoft itself. There are over 600,000 Microsoft partners worldwide but fewer than one percent achieve Managed Partner status. We are one of them.