#QTmon is our Microsoft Ignite 2016 Competition to win $2,220 in cash!

#QTmon is Live! Register here and get finding those #QTmon and #QTmon stops!

What is it?

Similar to the recently popular Pokemon Go game, this year we are running our game via Twitter.

VIP’s, community figureheads, MVP’s, partners and others have been nominated as QTmon (pronouced cutie-mon). Find them, get a picture with them, and tweet to the #QTMon hashtag, and you could be in with a chance of winning the cash by accumulating points.

Don’t forget to register first – visit Quadrotech @ booth #1948!

List of #QTmon and QTstops:  http://quadro.tech/qtmonlist

Leaderboard: http://quadro.tech/leaderboard


You will need to read and accept the rules before registering.


  • Each player must have a Twitter username to play. You will be contacted and tracked in the system via this handle during gameplay.
  • Each player must visit booth #1948 to register, or register online using the tweeted registration link (after Sunday 26 September, 9am Eastern).
  • QTmon are MVP’s, key community influencers and exhibitors to be found around Microsoft Ignite 2016. Each QTmon and QTstop have individual point values. The list can be found at quadro.tech/qtmonlist. As well as #QTmon, locations (known as ‘QTstops’) are also available.
  • To receive points each player must have their photo taken with a QTmon or at a QTstop and tweet the picture and number of the #QTmon or QTstop – for example ‘I captured #QTmon 51 at #MSIgnite’ or ‘Stopped at #QTmon stop S1 @DellSoftware #msignite’
    • Pictures/Photos MUST include both the player and the #QTMon or the Player and the QTstop clearly in the background
    • Both the player and #QTmon must be ‘engaged’ in the photo with faces looking at the camera – i.e. no shots of a #QTmon on stage, unaware of the photo/picture. Selfies are fine!
    • QTstop Locations can be visited only once. You’ll only get one set of points for each stop.
  • We will provide a T-Shirt on a first-come-first served basis. Additional points can be earned when T-shirts are worn in the photos with QTmons!
  • The leader board will be constantly updated – players will have access to this via quadro.tech/leaderboard
  • Additional points are awarded if:
    • The #QTMon signs your #QTmon tshirt and the signature is in the photo tweeted
    • A QTMon is found in a special location tweeted by @Quadrotech – watchout for special locations!
  • Why not ask #QTmon where they are? A twitter handle for each QTmon can be found at quadro.tech/qtmonlist!
  • The competition will close 2 hours before the expo hall closes on the final day of Ignite 2016. After this time no points will be added to the leaderboard.
  • The presentation of the cash prize will take place at booth #1948 30 minutes before the expo hall closes on the final day and the winner will be contacted via the details provided at the time of entry.
  • Any prize winnings become the sole responsibility of the winner for tax and legal purposes.
  • If players are unable to accept corporate gifts, or have some other restriction on recieving cash, players can alternatively ask us to donate the winnings to charity.
  • Players agree that Quadrotech’s decision on all matters is final