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fd PSTFlightDeck™

The intelligent solution for the identification, migration and elimination of PST files

PST FlightDeck is an enterprise grade tool for the migration of PST files into multiple targets – with all the robustness, scalability and features needed for managing large PST elimination or migration projects. As well as being suitable for larger organizations it is designed and standardized so that smaller customers can also be productive and benefit quickly from the structure approach – with a minimal learning curve.

PST FlightDeck provides a one-stop solution for PST migration and elimination. Our solution will help you with finding PST files, allowing you to transfer them to a central location and ingest them into Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 – or eliminate them for good.

At a glance

  • 6-Factor Owner Analysis (6OA) – a unique, 6-factor analysis of each PST file to confidently identify the owner at a level previously unprecedented in the industry. Based on deep analytical algorithms, it significantly reduces administrator effort manually matching files and assures data ends up in the right mailbox.
  • CollectProfile Technology – Uniquely set different policies for users based on local environment, regional restrictions, platform, local language, regulatory requirements and infrastructure constraints. This includes specifying user interaction text, bandwidth profile and collection configuration.
  • Active Bandwidth Management – ensuring distributed organizations with complex network setups and WAN infrastructure can be migrated without impacting on other critical network services. Customers can decide how to schedule a PST collection depending on their localized bandwidth needs.
  • Powerful Office 365 Capabilities – Optimized batching anf intelligent Office 365 handling resulting in superior ingestion speeds.

Highlights of FlightDeck include:

  • Identify all PST files
  • Scan local drives and attached USB devices
  • Scan network shares
  • Detailed reporting of location and size
User Interaction
  • Notify user of policies
  • Request user authorization
  • User include/exclude options
  • Automated move to central location
  • Uninterrupted user access even after centralization
  • Advanced bandwidth control
  • Secure transfer
  • Full backup before processing
  • Instant Password removal
  • Corruption verification and repair
  • Filtering
  • Deduplication
  • Wide choice of target systems including Microsoft Exchange Primary Mailbox or Personal Archives, Symantec’s Enterprise Vault on-premise or in the cloud, Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud email or archive providers
  • Immediate or scheduled PST cleanup
Reporting and Control
  • Detailed planning
  • Full visibility of migration process
  • Complete Audit Trail
  • Central “FlightDeck” control console

Architecture Overview

PST FlightDeck is centered on its CORE which controls the master schedule as well as containing the business logic. The product has additional modules which will be used depending on the migration scenario.

FlightDeck Architecture

Elimination of PST files made easy by using PST FlightDeck.